A true man and patriot

Last week's, "A True Patriot Defined" letter-to-editor's observations were greeted with sighs of relief, hallelujahs, and "wow, he gets it"! Not only has he noticed and understood what's been going on in Brevard the last few years, he had the audacity to express outrage at the pretenders. His keen scrutiny of the 'patriot posers' around here and around the country, has garnered many admirers and a few proposals of marriage. In our opinion, the author is the embodiment of a true man and a true patriot!

Wake up now, Americans

This all began with Hillary's "Political Correctness" and over the years our Politicians have been controlling our actions and thoughts more and more. Now there is "cancel culture" and "wokeness". Where is this going to end?

Wake up Americans and get off of your couch, turn off the "Fake News" and stop being told what to think, what to do, and what you can or cannot say. America is still free, but our freedoms are disappearing each and every day by government control. This begins at the grass root levels, attend Town Hall and School Board Meetings, voice your opinions, and run for boards or support persons with an "America First" attitude.

Socialism has been creeping into our way of life. It is in our schools, indoctrinating our children, it almost has a stranglehold on our way of life and if "We the People" do not take a stand and wrench the control from the Communist Left Wing People who are taking over and controlling everything, our way of life will be gone forever. Stop the control, and stand up for our freedoms now!

City doesn't show up for small businesses

I would like to know why the city would approve a new cigar lounge in downtown, which is in walking distance from a cigar shop that has been in business in the same location for 15 plus years?

If the city won't allow big restaurant chains to open up in order to "support small business," what are you doing with this small business that's been here for 15 plus years? Don't get me wrong I'm all for the cigar lounge, just not within walking distance of the same type of business already established here in downtown.

All these small businesses are struggling and need support, come on, just what were you thinking? Shame, shame on you!

Good deed

I dropped off the "blond terror" at daycare and went to get gas. It seems like forever since I've had a bacon, egg & cheese croissant and the line is short.

I let a car go in front of me and joined the procession. Once I get to the window and go to pay, the guy says "The lady in front already paid for you."

As I'm enjoying my good fortune, I think about paying for the lady behind me and decide to wait until another day, I'm gonna enjoy this little treat for today. Who ever you are, who did this nice deed, Thank you! You made my day!

Reopen Halpatiokee trail

It has been more than a month since the alligator attack involving a bicyclist at Halpatiokee Regional Park. The trails remain closed. Calls to the county are fruitless and it appears that no effort is being made to reopen. The trails are used by hundreds of treasure coast residents.

The unfortunate accident occurred in the water and not on a trail. I truly feel for the biker, but this is not a case of a trail impediment leading to the issue. Nearly every trail in Florida abuts a watershed area or lake with alligators. They are abundant. This type of knee-jerk reaction is what causes people to lose faith in government decisions.

COVID-19 vaccine

I went online with the following question “What is the percent of COCVID-19 patients in hospitals that are not vaccinated? A sampling of my findings are as follows:

As of July 14, 2021 All COVID-19 patients being treated in L. A. county owned hospitals were not fully vaccinated.

Per ABC News agency “Very few fully vaccinated people ended up severely ill with COVID-19. Those that do, tend to be frail or have conditions that interfere with the vaccine’s effectiveness.

In Alabama 94% of current COVID-19 hospital patients are not vaccinated.

Per NPR 97% of people entering hospitals for COVID-19 were not vaccinated.

Per a New Orleans site “90% of the COVID-19 patients were not vaccinated”. They also note that no one in hospitals were there for treatment of vaccine side effects.

Last but not least, as of August 20, 2021, 96.9% of the COVID-19 patients in Health First hospitals were not vaccinated.

Entries from other countries were not included. We live in the US and the question concerns what does the US based data tell us about the vaccines available to us within the US.

Logical conclusion: Being fully vaccinated keeps the vast majority of us out of the hospital. The reasons are the vaccine either fully protected us from COVID-19 or, in cases where there is a breakthrough, the vaccine reduced the seriousness of the virus as well as the worst case result, loss of life.

RE: Hypocrisy

Thank you for publishing the truth about Jan 6th.

Now that the FBI has concluded "scant evidence U.S. Capitol attack was coordinated" maybe we can take off the blinders about the flawed election.

On "Kneeling Athletes"

Simple Solution:

I know that there are a lot of people who, for lack of a better word, think it is their business to worry about how kneeling makes America and Americans look. When that athlete is standing on the podium accepting the GOLD MEDAL, the moment belongs to him/her, not to the people watching. I have a solution to your problem though.

Workout, build your muscles, build your stamina, compete with other contenders. Each victory is one step closer to that glorious day. After you have devoted yourself to the sport for many years and if you are the one in a million who have finally made it on that podium, see if you decide to grab all of the glory and scream “I DID IT” or will you have the humility to kneel in honor of those who were not there because of a past racist inequity? It’s your one chance! To the victors go the spoils. Hooray for the men or women that kneel! There truly are the champions.

"Epidemic of stupid" response

You are correct but you have it flipped!

#1) The so called COVID vaccine does nothing but lessen symptoms, it does not prevent the virus. #2) It is not FDA approved. #3) People are getting sick who otherwise were fine.

If a certain percent of people and told you to jump off a bridge and you’ll be fine would you blindly follow? Not to mention the FACT that the majority of scientists have admitted that the masks prevent nothing. Personally I’m concerned with the ramifications that we all will suffer from inhibiting our God given immune systems to naturally build up antibodies. To be clear, I’m not talking about people with autoimmune diseases or the elderly or infants. Those individuals should absolutely take every precaution available. People get ill and die. Fact. More people die in car accidents than have from COVID-19. Fact.

Wanna talk stupid? Stupid is crippling a country shutting everything down for a year, paying people to stay at home, forcing small businesses to close forever, creating a panic in people. Really stupid is…falling for a governments lies to turn this great nation into a communist dictatorship!

Have a great day.

How dare you refer to those of us not getting a tested approved virus stupid. Look in the mirror.

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