What's required to be a democrat?

I have recently been watching with much humor the political news on Television, radio, and news papers, most notably the Democrats’ versus the Republicans’ war of words. Their constant bickering has prompted me to submit a few questions and comments about Democrats as follows:

1. Just what are the requirements to become a Democrat?

A. Hate president Trump?

B. Hate all Republicans?

C. Hate everyone who is not a Democrat?

2. Totally remove the second amendment to our constitution and disarm the American citizens including rubber bands, pea shooters, & spit balls?

3. Slowly and quietly move our country to socialism or worse?

4. Get filthy rich by selling out the USA to foreign powers like Hillary Clinton did?

Even though this sounds like a Republican “rant”, I cannot really give full support to any of today’s political parties. (My definition of a political party: a wild out-of-control alcohol, drug, and greed driven assemblies and activities)

Happy experience at Goodwill

Good Experience at Goodwill in St Lucie West

On Tuesday April 02, I decided to rid my closet of lots of shirts, jackets, suits etc. that I no longer need, as I’m retired. On Tuesday afternoon about 5pm I dropped off all of the items at Goodwill. In the middle of the night I realized that I had left an envelope with $300 in the pocket of one of the shirts I donated to Goodwill. On Wednesday I went back to Goodwill and explained the situation. The girls started to go through the bend where my clothes had been placed. I recognized the shirts etc. they were turning over looking for the shirt with the $300 in the pocket. They looked for about 15 minutes while I watched them. Unfortunately, they didn’t find the shirt, but they assured me if they found it later they would give me a call. I left them my name and phone number and thought to myself…I’ll never see that money again!! About an hour later I received a phone call from one of the girls that they had found the money!! I quickly went over to Goodwill and sure enough all of the money was there!! I offered them a reward and they adamantly refused and said they were just so happy that they found my money!! Proves that we still do really have honest and trustworthy people in our area and especially at Goodwill, in St Lucie West!! Thank you ladies at Goodwill.

A day golfing

So finding a great rate to play 18 holes, we head to a golf course on the coast. We head out to the first tee. It's new for us, along the way, while discovering the layout, we hit a couple toward the wrong green, and discover while the Snowbirds are gone the Fire Ants remained. Love-bugs land on your face, hovering swarms of gnats float around your head as you stand over your ball deciding which club to hit. You'll hear the whining squeal of a mosquito in your ear, and another one is donated to the marshy pond, sadly you liked that ball, it gave you a bird, three holes ago. Three quarters of the course completed, your clothes are saturated with sweat, you'll be leaning over a putt, only to be distracted by little drops of moisture falling from the brim of you hat landing on the ball. By the time you play number seventeen, your clothes are soaked, you're exhausted from carrying the extra five pounds as you walk uphill to hit your next shot. Your buddy driving the cart is sharing the same experience, as bad as it seems, we'll be out there in a few days doing it all over again. On the drive home, the clouds will open up and raindrops spatter on the windshield, you got eighteen in before the rain came, it's a Good day to be a Floridian.


Hispanic is a word used to describe an ethnicity. The word is derived from the Spanish word "HISPANO" which literally means "of Spanish speaking origins". Some people mistakenly believe Hispanics, or Latinos if you like, comprise a race; we do not. Hispanics, like North Americans, can be of any race. There are White Hispanics, Black Hispanics, mixed race Hispanics, etc.  Hispanics can also be Asian, as in Hispanic Filipinos. It is interesting to note that "Florida", is a Spanish name given to our state by the First White Settlers from Spain. European Spaniards named Florida and erected the first White settlement here and what is now the USA. The Spanish flag flew over Florida for more than 300 years! Please remember that Europeans didn't only come to the USA to have generations of children; many went to Latin America to have generations of White Spanish speaking children as well...Let's try to remember that.

A Serious Issue

As St. Lucie West continues to grow in population and the surrounding areas motorist are challenged in getting in and out of various businesses such as Walmart, Public’s, Home Depot, Post Office, Restaurants, Medical facilities, (only to mention a few), without striking or killing a pedestrian. Those riding a bike, power scooter, skate board, using a cell phone, listening to music or just walking without doing what we have all been taught to do, STOP, LOOK & LISTEN are not only putting their life in jeopardy but creating an ugly and unnecessary accident. I cannot Rant and Rave enough when driving down US One or any street after dark, seeing pedestrians walking or riding a bike with no reflecting clothing or lighting. Where are the crosswalks, where are the reflective clothing, where are the lights, where is law enforcement? Too many pedestrians are getting killed due to their own lack of responsibility in this issue. We each must be educated not only in protecting ourselves but the lives of others.

Lawn status means everything

No one told me before I moved to the Treasure Coast that my lawn’s appearance was critical to my status in the neighborhood. On the left coast my lawn was the size of a postage stamp, only in my back yard, kidney shaped and about 8 feet by 15 feet wide. Here I have about a third of an acre and it’s the grass in CA that was considered a weed. It was hot so I sat out on the lanai contemplated what to do while I had a couple beers. I decided its Florida grass so I’ll live with it, as long as I don’t have to personally cut it. I tried that using the neighbor’s lawn mower, it was worse than 6 hours on the golf course using a pull cart without a hat.  Eventually as I got to know my neighbors, they were quick to let me know how disappointed they were in my lawn, so not only did I hire a lawn service to cut it, I ended up getting a lawn maintenance service as well. So now it looks great, the neighbors don’t frown and mutter insults as they pass, and while you can’t actually do anything on it without wearing those silly white boots, it looks presentable.  I did try to walk around the neighborhood and cast discouraging looks at lawns not up to the neighborhood standard, but that gave me no enjoyment, only questions; if I was OK and did I need a glass of water before I passed out from heat stroke?

Returning the envelope

When I get any of these mailings and they have a postage paid by sender envelope enclosed I load the envelope up with all other junk mail I can find. I have had as much as six ounces for return envelope. The result is the sender has to pay additional postage charge. One  I had returned to Texas from here in Florida I calculated cost the sender $1.50. My mailings decreased to hardly any since I initiated this action I do not abstain from having my address on the junk mail inside as I want them to know that I don't  want any more junk mail.  i also  write boldly on outside of envelope not to send me their junk mail.  Try it, it worked for me.  Helping the Post Office at the same time with the additional charges.

Speed Limits? What Speed Limits?

Across the Treasure Coast, posted speed limits aren't just a joke, they're a complete farce!

Whether the drivers are male or female, whether they're young or old, whether it's morning, afternoon, or evening, whether it's US 1, wherever, it doesn't matter.

The “average” driver travels at a speed anywhere from 10 to 15 mph (or more) above the posted speed. Those who attempt to drive the limit end up being tail-gated thus increasing the possibility of being rear-ended if a sudden stop is necessary.

To make things more complex, a plurality of drivers appear to have forgotten how to use an important device found in every vehicle. They're called turn signals, and in case you've forgotten, you use them prior to changing lanes and/or making right and left turns.

Simply push the lever up to signal a right turn or lane change or push the lever down to signal a left turn or lane change.

While each of the above communities has a fleet of police vehicles (as well as vehicles owned by the FHP), after months and months of driving in the area, I can count on one hand the number of times I've witnessed a driver being pulled over for either of those violations!

The solution? Have the police officers in each community begin citing violators. The benefit? Watch the number of accidents decrease.

Elect or hire?

All elected government positions share the same four letter word: jobs. You don't get elected to a job, you get hired. To get hired, you submit a resume that shows your qualifications: job experience, work history, etc. If the employer (a.k.a we the people) approve the resume, we the people would require a background check, drug test, a physical and mental/psychological evaluation. If the applicant passes that, they are qualified for the position. You get five or 10 qualified applicants and then we the people vote on who we want. The number one vote gets hired, gets a trial period and if he or she is doing a good job you keep them until they aren't, then you fire them and hire the next person in line and try again. It's a lot easier to hire and fire than to elect and impeach. It's better to have a qualified, healthy, well balanced individual in charge. At least I think so.

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