What's with golf cart drivers?

Does some type of temporary insanity come over people when they get behind the steering wheel of a golf cart ?

I am a resident of Barefoot Bay. About 10 years ago golf carts were allowed to operate on the roadways.

At that time two of the reasons was to allow people who could no longer drive a car, due to physical or mental disabilities , or had lost their drivers license because they had received too many DUI arrest, to have transportation.

At that time the “logic” behind that kind of escaped me.

Now some of these “golf carts” look more like urban assault vehicles,

many being gasoline powered.

The operation of a golf cart is regulated by state law, they must comply with Motor Vehicle laws.

In Barefoot Bay people drive on sidewalks, disregard stop signs, drive the wrong way on the roadway, drive with no lights at night.

At the Winn Dixie Store plaza ,just outside the Bay, signs were posted not to park golf carts on the sidewalk.

I saw a person park under one of the signs stating “no golf carts on the sidewalk ”when I pointed out the sign to the person the reply was “ No one tells me where to park my golf cart” I guess parking your golf cart where you shouldn’t makes you a tough guy ?

In many places you must have a valid drivers license and have the golf cart inspected by Law Enforcement , to ensure it has all the safety equipment , to drive it on the roadways.

I believe that would cure a lot of the issues.

Don't judge us by the worst examples

Just a few comments to the individual who asked what was required to be a democrat.

1.It can't be hating republicans, nearly half of the people I love are republicans, and I am a strong, liberal democrat. So that and the fact we are accused of loving all refugees, rules out hating everyone who isn't democrat. Republicans can't have that both ways. I get your point though, some democrats I'm sure are as you describe. But you can't describe a group using the worst example. I assure you none of my conservative friends are anything like Cesar Sayoc or Patrick Carlineo.

2. We almost all have had guns all our live and only want common sense, enforceable regulations. And all my republican friends agree.

3. The U.S. has a multi-economic system, in MHO. And all my friends, both parties, love our social programs, SS, medicare, armed forces, federal infrastructure. So I suppose we have been slowly turning it for a long time.

4. I'll just say, as many investigations as the house ran on Hillary, if she is guilty of crimes, the republican congressmen are incompetent.

I didn't like Donald Trump when he belittled troops in Vietnam in the 70s, when he ridiculed MIA's and Gold Star heroes and their families during and after his campaign, and recycling a fascist slogan and sticking it on a cap made in Asia hasn't changed that.

Lastly, few of my friends watch cable news, I think that makes us a little kinder.

Regarding the Kanner Highway (State Road 76) widening project

I’m not a traffic engineer, but I am a taxpayer in Martin County.  I believe in the need for safety for the roadworkers, but I can’t for the life of me understand the necessity of closing lanes or restricting traffic for long spans only to realize that there isn’t anyone working on the road for long periods of time.

Worse than the long spans of closed lanes, are the countless traffic control drums and cones, as well as a variety of small painted signs and more elaborate lighted signage to unnecessarily control traffic.

I can only imagine the incredible cost of renting these signs that are pointlessly constraining traffic.

Where is the accountability for this taxpayer abuse?

A couple comments…

Regarding the referendum…

The writer details shortcomings in our educational system which are obvious to most of us. The U.S. education system is currently ranked 15th in the world and the Dept. of Education continues to exist and support the fact that they are the only entity which is capable of developing a one-size-fits-all system for all areas of our country and in the best interests of our children. How is that working out? The classrooms are controlled (like most of our society) by PC. We saw the effectiveness of keeping a troubled student in the mainstream schools last year with the tragedy at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas. Immediately after this occurred the local news stations mentioned the state program which was in place to keep children, known to have potentially dire conditions, in the mainstream. After a day or so the name of this program was never mentioned again. The level of actual education and learning be damned. We are graduating individuals that are not only unprepared for college but for life itself. Far too many simply are destined to be part of the entitlement system. If some students are slower than others it should be the responsibility of our system to turn the tide for those individuals and not put them into an environment which is simply overwhelming. The bottom line is education and not following the canned programs developed by individuals who often have no front line experience. Give the control of the classrooms back to the teachers. If a teacher even looks the wrong way at a student they fear for their job. “No child left behind” comes off the lips easily but is it what is best for future generations? Staying within the confines of a budget is simply never been part of government at any level – local state or federal. Correct and cost-effective decisions are usually only made when they are trying to position themselves for re-election. Many individuals who have children of school age can relate to the concerns raised in the author’s article. I lived in Miami when our son was school age. I sent him to a private school. This was not an easy financial decision for us but I would have scrubbed floors if it meant I wouldn’t have to send him into the public school system. Strangely enough he actually learned the three R’s in a great environment which was free of disruptive students and aberrant behavior.

In response to "Don't root against the president"

It isn't that we hate Trump, it's that we, the vast majority of Americans that do not agree with his policies, demeanor, and immorality, love our country too much to let him ruin it.  We have a president who gets caught lying on a daily basis, betrayed his family by committing adultery numerous times, including with a porn actress he paid to buy her silence, has broken every major promise he made, including making Mexico pay for a wall that experts and border mayors say isn't necessary, and sides with Putin while denigrating all 17 American Intelligence agencies who concluded Russia dis in fact meddle in our election.  One reason he hasn't been able to repeal Obamacare is Americans think it would be cruel and immoral to take health care away from tens of millions of citizens and bring back pre-existing conditions for a hundred million more. It isn't that we hate Trump, it's that we love America too much to let him continue dragging our nation through the mud of immorality.

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