Pick up the trash, please!

 For weeks and weeks there's debris on the right side of the road a little past the fire station.

It really bothers me that the city workers have not picked it up.

If I were not 80 I'd walk across the golf course and do it myself.

Maybe someone will read the Hometown News, which I love, and report it to the city.

Response to shopping cart crash

 As a person with disabilities I feel for you that you are being run into by the employees carts trying to fill in home orders.

I wish I had the ability again to go out of the house and shop for myself.

I am one that orders home delivery for the convenience of it and we pay for those deliveries.

I thank everyone that came up with this Home delivery system because I can not shop at the store, or carry groceries into my house.

We don't need a civics lesson

In response to the April 1st article about County Commission giving the community a “civic lesson”, is seems like what the commission was trying to do was silence a citizen when airing a complaint about one of their own bureaucratic departments. Public to be heard is just that, public to be heard. It’s not right to try and shut people off when they have a legitimate complaint about one of the county’s most intrusive departments and their tactics. They should climb down from their high horse and listen to the people more so they can learn how the community is operating. Forget about the “my way or the highway” approach.

Left lane travelers

Final word on the left lane traveler. The left lane isn't only for law breakers and bullies, folks. Guess what, if you're traveling on a multi-lane expressway, like I-95, which has an HOV lane and you're already speeding (going less than 5 miles over that 65 or 70 MPH limit, depending on the local speed limit) You don't have to yield to dangerous, tailgating bullies upset that you aren't speeding as many miles over the limit as they would like you to be. Travelers on the left lane, going the speed limit, even outside of the HOV hours, DO NOT have to yield to dangerous bullies creating a hazard by tailgating them. The lawbreaker is the tailgater.

You can't cancel Easter 

Every year First United Methodist Church has held an Easter Eggstravaganza event in the city park across the street from the church. The event offered food, music, and a giant Easter egg hunt. This year the church had to cancel the event for the second year in a row because of COVID.

But COVID couldn’t stop the Easter Bunny or the church from giving the children the fun of an Easter egg hunt. How did they handle it?

Each child in the church was given two bags of eggs, one for their parents to hide at home; and one bag for the child to share with a friend. But the joy does not stop there.

They gave the K-12 School 2,660 eggs for the students.

The church has been partnering with the school for the past five years. Over the years the members of FUMC have given students backpacks, school supplies, and books. Thousands of them. The result of this outpouring of love is that the school’s rating has gone from a C to a B+. May the blessings never stop.

Use pepper spray

I really believe many carjackings could be avoided with the use of pepper spray. One can purchase a canister for five or six dollars and have it ready when going to your vehicle. Upon confrontation I would suggest spraying inside the vehicle making it unsustainable to remain in said vehicle Trying to spray perpetrator could result in spray blowing back in victims face so spraying inside vehicle eliminates that. Also a business that would have spray handy could just spray inside that business at first sign of trouble making the environment unagreeable to robber. Difficulty in breathing and temporary blinding would definitely be deterrent.

Another view on masks

First, it amazes me how far people go to heed the constant verbiage of experts when it comes to mask-wearing. Even they cannot make up their minds. I tend to believe the words of Rand Paul that much of the mandate is all theatre. I have not worn a mask since the beginning and will continue to do so as I cherish my lungs and we were not designed to breathe in our own CO2. Even doctors in a hospital do not wear a mask constantly. I also tend to believe that many people would wear a tin hat and crawl on the ground if told to do so. Now even after the vaccinations, we are told we must wear a mask so what is the point of the vaccinations as even this provides no guarantee. The question is how many deaths contributed to Covid were actually causes contributed to other ailments such as the flu, heart disease, respiratory problems, and such things as obesity which has been prevalent for so long. This strain of the virus was an accident waiting to happen as Americans were sickly from the start as we have indulged in fast foods, processed foods and the addition of drugs in the food we eat, and the lack of exercise. just as it has been so easy to say Super Size this virus was the Super Size. Take a look at the statistics as they do not add up when it comes to this virus. Many medical professionals I have spoken too have professed that even after the virus is gone the lasting effects of breathing in our CO2 will leave another mark in medical history.

Stop blaring train horns

Somebody needs to explain to us why the people are still being subjected to outrageously loud train horns at all hours of the night. The nightly assault isn't being tolerated by everyone in the area, however. Last night, I noticed a sign in the county over at a train crossing, an area with less than a couple of dozen homes, that reads "NO TRAIN HORN 10PM to 6AM. Why do tens of thousands of people need to be subjected to this nightly assault all throughout our County? We live one mile from the tracks and have to run a fan all night just to be able to sleep because of this outrageous assault. People from other areas of the country question why we put up with this assault on a nightly basis. Good question, why do we? It needs to stop.

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