Homophobia' is the wrong word

I would like to comment on a misleading, if not inaccurate, perception that exists in our society; namely "homophobia."

If you say anything in opposition to the gay and lesbian lifestyle, you are labeled a "homophobe" or bigot! In the first place the idea of "phobia" is false!

A phobia is an "irrational fear based on a perceived threat or danger," ie. acrophobia - fear of high places; claustrophobia - fear of closed places; zoophobia - fear of animals, etc.

If I disagree or am opposed to the behavior or lifestyle of gays and lesbians, it's not because I am in FEAR of these people, (that I feel threatened in some way). It has more to do with my belief in "traditional moral values," which many in our society, including gays and lesbians, reject.

They have a right to live the way they choose; I have the right to disapprove of that lifestyle. That does mean I am a bigot or hate these people?

So, if someone calls you a "homophobe," they do so out of ignorance to the meaning of the term "phobia."

Thank you for giving your neighbors a place to express their views

I needed to write to ask many of my fellow Americans to please wake up. Our country has been driven right to the edge of a cliff.

When you push our creator out of our country you get the types of lawlessness, hate and divisiveness we are now witnessing on a daily basis. It's such a shame.

Even if you say you don't believe in a God, you would have to admit that if people all lived following the basic principles in the Bible, this world would truly be a paradise. Instead, just look around at what this world has become.

Bad dog owner

You know who you are. You have four dogs. They spend most of their time chained outside daily. Dogs are domesticated pets. They need love, affection and care. In return, they will give you unconditional love.

They should not be outside all those hours. It is either too hot, raining or too cold. What about all the insects, fleas, ants and mosquitoes biting them? Why have these dogs chained outside? What possible joy can you get from this? Is it a control thing? Are you that miserable of a person? Where is your HUMANITY?

Yelling at them and threatening them is disgusting. Try petting and talking to them. Show some affection, for God’s sake.

If you have problems, there is a lot of help out there for yourself and the dogs. Maybe you should find new homes for them or take them to the Humane Society or SPCA.

Pay it forward pays off

I was at a McDonalds early in the morning, standing behind a couple of men. The man being served was a police officer. When it got to my turn and I placed my order, I began to pay and the employee had told me that it had already been paid for. I was surprised and I ask by who and they said that the person just wanted me to pay it forward.

The police officer pointed to an elderly man who was sitting down and said that he did it. I broke down crying, it was such a shock and surprise. I asked the cashier if the older man had paid it and they said no, so I knew it was the police officer.

I was able to stop and thank him before he left. I thank that police officer, he's good guy and that's all I wanted to say.

More on bad drivers

I just read where a driver on I-95 attempted to cross from the far left lane, across three lanes of traffic to make the exit. The driver struck a car and then swerving back into the lanes, was side-swiped by a semi who tried to avoid the driver. Commentary in the news report stated: "The moral of the story is that if you are about to miss your exit, drive to the next one and turn around."

Not likely the driver was truly about to miss their exit. This is now commonplace at most exits. All law enforcement has to do is hover over exits in a helicopter especially at rush hour. The scene below will look like a video game with a lot of drivers not nearly missing the exit but driving dangerous and often,deadly, with no regard to others.

Many residents/drivers are from much larger cities like New York City, Philadelphia, Cleveland and Pittsburgh. We also have residents now who came from other countries where driving habits are likely different. It makes sense that these habits accumulated over the many years.

We need more aggressive officers watching for the careless and dangerous driving that continues to grow with the population.

More protection for parks

I just received a magazine from AAA Living. I was reading an article on the beauty of the Tongass National Forest in Alaska.

The article cites it is the the place to go for the best of Alaska's beauty with old growth woodlands. Then, I opened the Washington Post newspaper and saw a headline that states the current administration is pushing to remove logging restrictions for this same Alaskan rain forest. I guess I better get to Alaska as soon as possible.

I have been to almost every national park in the United States. My personal opinion is that we need to be preserving, expanding and making more parks. Instead, I keep reading that they are being reduced in size, and scavenged for their resources. Unlike some other laws, these resources cannot be brought back with a stroke of a pen. Maybe a lot of people don't care about the world we are leaving since it will probably be experienced through Virtual Reality.

I recommend watching the program called "The National Parks" by Ken Burns. Maybe it would prompt more people to care about our environment or better yet take a trip to bathe in nature at one of our beautiful parks.

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