Crazy food prices

Now I can better understand why kids these days are obese, lethargic, and diabetic. Went to the local supermarket the other day and name brand soda was $1.25 for 2 liters, $2.00 for a gal of Hawaiian Punch, and a whopping $3.05 for a half gallon of milk. What are folks on a budget going to choose? It’s no wonder 70% of Americans are overweight.

Enough politics

I wish there were fewer rants with a political tone. We could be arguing for another 16 months and this will just raise our blood pressure with few results convincing the other side.

On another subject, school backpacks are cool for the new school year but why aren't last year's backpacks recycled at the same time?

We are accustomed to hold on to "stuff" that would be best to discard after they served their purpose.

Check the financial temperature

When we first moved to the area, we had "Chicago Blood" in us, so we did a lot of sweating.

We've been here now for over a year. When we looked at the house we eventually purchased, the owner had the thermostat set at 79 degrees. As the temperature outside was near 90, it felt comfortable. We have since kept that thermostat at 79, increasing it to 81 or 82 when we go to bed at night, and changing it back to 79 when we get up. I wonder what the thermostats at the public schools are set at? Why not try that at the schools? Set them at 79 when classes are in session, and 81 when school is over for the day. The savings could be used to give teachers a quarterly bonus, and maybe help with some much-needed school supplies for under-privledged students.

More rants please

I am so sorry the Rant section has been reduced. I truly enjoy hearing from the opinions and views of the people of Palm Bay.

Quite frankly we have no other sounding board to release our frustration and have enjoyed it. I wish Hometown News would consider giving us at least one more page. Are there any others who agree? Please let Hometown News hear from you.

Brothers in arms

To a Seabee from another Seabee.

We build, we fight, we can do.

You are a Veteran cold War or Hot war like me (Vietnam 69th, BU1-E-6)

The VA treats you and me the same way, no different. Most of the VA employees are not Veterans like they used to be and they don't care about Veterans, they only put in their 8 hours and collect a check. Very few care about the well being of Veterans.

Remember this if you are a Soldier. Thank you for your service. A Seabee is a Soldier with Marine training using Navy and Marine uniforms fighting and doing civilian work at the same time for the USA. God bless America, I stand for the Flag and kneel for the fallen brothers and sisters.

Is this a cult mentality?

I cannot help but be amused at the amazing lengths some people go to overlook the indiscretions of our 'so-called' president. Can you imagine if President Obama had been married three times, accused of raping his first wife, regularly committed adultery, betraying the trust of his wives and kids, and then lied about it, repeatedly? Can you imagine what Conservatives would be saying if it were Obama that had gone on TV and admitted to sexually assaulting women by grabbing them by their privates, against their will? Imagine for just a moment that it had been President Obama caught paying hush money to pornography movie actress to conceal his adulterous relationship with her from his family and the voters looking to cast their ballots a month later? Imagine it was President Obama that had 20 women alleging they were sexually assaulted by a man who admitted on TV that he likes to grab women by their privates? Now these may seem like moral issues, except the paying of hush money issue, that happens to be criminal because it violates campaign finance laws, but setting this aside, imagine if Obama had stood on a world stage, in Helsinki right after having a private meeting with the leader of the nation all 17 American Intelligence Agency agreed had hacked our election and agreed with him (saying he believes Putin's denial) while denigrating all 17 aforementioned Intelligence Agencies, and then never tell the American people what they spoke about after allowing nobody to be present with them? Have these people forgotten that Trump's election campaign manager, election campaign aid, National Security Advisor and personal attorney all went to jail, for among other things, lying about theirs and Trump's relationship with the Russians that did hack our election to favor Trump? Take a moment to consider the energy needed to defend all of these things even after Trump has been caught lying thousands of times and even after the Mueller Report (which states on page 2 Collusion wasn't even considered in their investigation) explicitly accuses the president of no less than 10 'episodes' of obstruction of justice and states the president can (and should) be charged once leaving the presidency. The only reason Trump hasn't been indicted is due to a DOJ rule that states one cannot indict a sitting president. Suffice it to say, expecting the American people to trust a man who couldn't even be trusted by his own family, amounts to something I believe only a member of a cult could do. God save us. Please pray for justice in America.

No Lies

To the person who said Trump lies daily. That is not true! The wall, he said was to be built, and paid for by Mexico. He didn't mean they were going to cut a check and give him to build the wall, he meant indirectly, by tariffs mainly. That was not a lie. The American consumer has always absorbed the costs from things like imports. China has been taking advantage of this country for decades! Trump is trying to straighten them out, if it means a little discomfort for a while so be it, we cannot let China and other bullies take advantage of us! Time to get on board, Trump is a Patriot, he loves this country, he's donating his paychecks and being pounded on daily by the media and liberals, let's not put him down for trying to make this country good for all of us! The alternative is Medicare for all, higher taxes, open borders, communism and government control, is that what you want?

A stance on abortion

It will be difficult for us to unite on abortion laws if the Supreme Court does not separate protection for the “life of the mother and baby” from an “unwanted baby”.

A mother and father, who are anxiously awaiting the birth of their baby and are informed by their obstetrician that serious complications have developed and in order to save the life of the mother or baby a cesarean section must take place. Sad but understandable. This is not an abortion.

A woman who is pregnant with an unwanted healthy fetus and chooses the procedure to abort, the fetus should not be included in the same laws that protect a mother or baby from dying. When a woman is considering an abortion for unwanted motivations, to my knowledge, we do not provide the father with rights to the abortion decision. I do not believe a woman should be given the right to abort a healthy fetus without identification and agreement by the father. When will men ALSO be held accountable for an abortion of their baby.

To make such a controversial abortion law less complicated I would like to see the Supreme Court separate laws that protect the mother’s health from laws that cover an unwanted fetus.

I am against an abortion but fully support protecting the life of the mother or baby.

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I want to respond to more than one discussion here; first, regarding our President, and former president(s,) Obama had his 8 years to run this country the way he saw fit. I'm not going to put any President down, rather, say that it's not an easy job and we need to give whoever the people voted in a chance. No one President can "fix" all of the problems domestically or internationally. Nobody's perfect. When Obama was in office, Republicans were not happy but they did not display the kind of hatred and acts of violence like what has transpired since Trump has been elected. President Trump has had more disruptions from "the Left" than any other President in office that I can think of. While we live in the United States full of people from all around the world, there are guidelines that must be followed in order to keep us safe. I don't think keeping illegal immigrants out of the country makes a person a racist. Keeping illegal drugs from coming into the country is for our safety. Walls were not built to keep people out, they are built to keep the people inside them safe. Our citizens deserve the benefits and if there is enough to help others, we certainly should. Our nation was founded on Godly principles for our protection. They took God out of our schools and look at the gun violence. How can we expect God to protect our students and teachers when "He" is not welcome there?? About abortion...when your father's sperm and your mother's egg met, that was you, that was me! There's no denying that life begins at conception. Just because we can't see the life being formed, doesn't mean it isn't there. We should not stop life that has begun at any stage! Why take a life that has already begun when adoption is a loving choice that still gives everyone life and perhaps a chance to better this world. I also don't want my tax dollars to fund any organization which I don't believe is morally acceptable. Let's stop putting others down and start imagining ourselves in the other person's shoes for a change. Our world needs to get back to the basics and start protecting those without a voice; innocent babies and animals for that matter.


Re: Cult mentality post (anti-Trump)--Obama was a prodigy of Soros, protected by the Establishment, who controls the media--hence any claims against "B.H. Barry" were quickly hushed, lest whoever spoke out pay the price (hint: "deaths" around the Clintons, the former Establishment Poster children.) Trump is anti-Establishment, anything he says they twist and exaggerate in the worst way possible, and undoubtedly pay people to lie. Ex: "All Mexicans are rapists and murderers". Do your research and look at the full clip of what he said, not just a convenient outtake by the TDS'ers. Don't be a sheep. The Establishment loves sheep that take the media at their word and don't look into things themselves. Loves to control the herds of brainless sheep that exist in this country, individuals who just want a government handout. Do you really think Obama was Our Nations Hero? Wake up and get with the political picture. NONE of these Establishment politicians give a rat's bottom about anyone but themselves.

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