VERO BEACH - A new video series produced by Riverside Theatre in Vero Beach gives fascinating insight into all aspects of a professional theater production.

Hosted by Marketing Director Oscar Sales, “Putting it Together” consists of eight episodes, each about 10 minutes long, focusing on different aspects of professional show production.

Watching is free, and the links will not expire, so you can watch at anytime.

“Riverside Theatre is a professional producing theater, and the only one on Florida’s Treasure Coast,” said host Oscar Sales. “As a producing theater, we create our own shows right here in house.”

After watching the videos, Mr. Sales said, “I’m sure our audiences will have a better affinity of what goes on behind the scenes when they come to watch a show.”

“Each episode you will learn how we make the magic come to life on our stages from interviews with managers from production, scenic, paints, wardrobe, music, lighting, and sound departments.”

In Episode 1: Producing Shows, viewers hear from Associate Producer Kyle Atkins about how the theater produces shows. Mr. Atkins discusses how shows are selected, and how long they take to produce.

In Episode 2: The Scene Shop, learn how scenery is created for Riverside Theatre shows. You'll see and hear Technical Directors Jordan Lipert and Emily Luongo describing how they turn drawings into scenery for musicals and plays.

In Episode 3: The Paint Shop, Scenic Charge Artist Amy Brooks explains how super-sized backdrops are created and how scenery is colorized and finished.

In Episode 4: Costumes, Costume Shop Manager Anna Hillbery describes the process of how costumes are designed and managed for cast members.

In Episode 5: The Show Music, Music Director Anne Shuttlesworth explains how the music is arranged.

In Episode 6: Lighting The Shows, Lighting Engineer William Brown describes the process of lighting up the stage for performances.

In Episode 7: Sound for The Shows, Sound Engineer Nate Dickson explains how audio and effects are created for shows.

In the final installment, Episode 8: Production Management, Production Manager Dan Kondas describes his role in producing performances.

The video series was sponsored by PNC Wealth Management.

Find all eight episodes at

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