Vero Beach Youth Volunteers

Back row: Recreation Commissioner Judy Jones, Junior Staff volunteers Amelia DeLeon, Haley Foulks, Amelia Gerthoffer, Camp Director Shamar Thomas, Annabelle Richard, Summer Jenks, Erica Huddy, Loralei Horsley, Kaitlyn Left, RyLee Keeton, Leisure Square Manager Jeff Matthews. Front row: Renzi Innes, Sarah Duffany, Brianna Marson, Saniah Smith, Madison Williams.

VERO BEACH - The Vero Beach Recreation Department recently honored 16 youth volunteers for the thousands of hours they dedicated to the city’s Sports/Aquatics and Aerial Antics summer camps at Leisure Square.

The volunteers are part of the city recreation department’s Junior Staff program. Junior Staff volunteers serve as role models, help mentor campers, and lead camp activities for up to ten hours a day during the nine weeks of summer camp.

Volunteer Saniah Smith was named the Tammy Hutchison Award winner, the highest youth volunteer honor, for her devotion to the Aerial Antics summer camp. Saniah was presented the Tammy Hutchison award during the 45th annual Aerial Antics Youth Circus, where she was also a performer.

The awards breakfast was held at Leisure Square on August 1, sponsored by Vero Beach Recreation Commissioner Judy Jones. Ms. Jones was a Junior Staff volunteer as a teenager.

For more information about the Junior Staff program and summer camps, contact the City of Vero Beach Recreation Department at (772) 567-2144.

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