Teacher of the Year Dr. Nicole Mosblech

Dr. Nicole Mosblech with Superintendent Dr. Mark Rendell, VBHS Principal Shawn O’Keefe, Chancellor of Public Schools Jacob Oliva, and Deputy Chancellor for Educator Quality Paul Burns.

VERO BEACH - Vero Beach High School teacher Dr. Nicole Mosblech has been selected as a state Teacher of the Year finalist.

“Being chosen as one of the finalists for Florida Teacher of the Year is such a great honor,” said Dr. Mosblech. “I absolutely didn’t expect this, as there are so many amazing teachers this year that have been chosen to represent their counties. I’m so incredibly proud to represent Vero Beach High School and Indian River County teachers, a community of professionals who all deserve to be celebrated for ways in which we allow our students to learn and grow each day.”

Dr. Mosblech teaches advanced placement and honors-level environmental science, as well as honors chemistry. Outside of the classroom, Dr. Mosblech sponsors the Vero Beach High School Green Team and the Science Research Club. She also serves as member and chairperson of the City of Sebastian’s Natural Resource Board.

“Dr. Nicole Mosblech has dedicated her career to ensuring all students have access to a high-quality education and develop an appreciation for the planet on which we live and rely,” said Florida Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran. “Dr. Mosblech not only grew the school’s Advanced Placement program, her students’ pass rate exceeded the national rate by 13.5 percentage points last year. Her classroom accomplishments combined with her civic involvement make Dr. Mosblech a terrific Teacher of the Year finalist.”

Dr. Mosblech was chosen District Teacher of the Year in January. She then submitted a state packet including a video recorded 30-minute lesson with her AP Environmental Science Class, a case study in which students used scientific research and published data to analyze the effectiveness of culling wolves to save endangered caribou as a conservation strategy.

“Dr. Mosblech is a noble educator who makes brilliant connections with her AP environmental science students, as she imparts rigorous content and inspires responsible stewardship of the earth, in her students,” said Shawn O’Keefe, principal at Vero Beach High School. “There is no doubt that she makes a lasting impact upon the lives of her students each school year.”

Dr. Mosblech started her career by teaching English in South Korea. In 2005, she moved back to the United States and began teaching science at the Vero Beach High School Freshman Learning Center before pursuing a doctorate in ecology at Florida Institute of Technology. Upon earning her Ph.D., she returned to Vero Beach High School, where she has been teaching ever since.

In June, Dr. Mosblech will join four other finalists from the state of Florida in Tallahassee to interview with the state selection committee. After interviews are completed, each of the 74 District Teachers of the Year will gather in Orlando in July, when the announcement of the 2020 Florida Department of Education Teacher of the Year will be made.

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