Tony Young

Tony Young


VERO BEACH - Following the Nov. 5 election of the Vero Beach City Council, the new council was certified at a Nov. 18 organizational meeting. The new City Council then elected Tony Young as Mayor and Laura Moss as Vice Mayor.

City Manager Monte Falls presented the election results. Two new City Council members were elected for two year terms, Rey Neville and Joe Graves. City Clerk Tammy Bursick swore in the new council members.

The Canvassing Board then adjourned, and all council members took their seats to proceed with the Mayoral election. City Attorney John Turner, who is also the chairman of the City of Vero Beach Canvassing Board, then called for nominations for Mayor.

A minor kerfuffle interrupted the process, as unsuccessful council candidate and former City Council member Brian Heady objected, saying the council had never adopted a resolution certifying the election results. Vero Beach Police Chief David Currey escorted Mr. Heady from the podium as Mr. Turner attempted to proceed with the Mayoral election.

Mr. Heady returned to the podium and demanded the right to speak before any vote was taken. He said that the agenda had no opportunity for public comment.

City Clerk Bursick made a motion to adopt the resolution certifying the election results, as requested by Mr. Heady.

As Councilmember Laura Moss nominated Vice Mayor Tony Young for Mayor, Mr. Heady continued to argue. Mr. Heady yelled “I hope this isn’t an indication for how you’ll run the next year.”

Robert Brackett was also nominated as Mayor, by new member Joe Graves.

The vote was held and Tony Young won 3-2, with the support of Ms. Moss and new member Rey Neville. Joe Graves and Mr. Brackett voted for Mr. Brackett.

Mayor Young then nominated Laura Moss as Vice Mayor. Joe Graves nominated Mr. Brackett. In another 3-2 vote, Ms. Moss was elected Vice Mayor.

Mayor Young, in his introductory remarks, welcomed the two newest members.

Tony Young’s grandfather was the city’s first mayor 100 years ago. The city just completed its yearlong centennial celebrations.

Mayor Young harkened back to his family’s long history in Vero Beach, saying “I am very honored to have the opportunity, 100 years after my grandfather, to be able to have the chance to serve our great community.” Mayor Young also thanked former Mayor Val Zudans and former Councilmember Harry Howle.

City Attorney Turner then gave the council members a briefing on the state’s Sunshine Law and Public Records Law.

The new Vero Beach City Council is now Tony Young, Mayor; Laura Moss, Vice-Mayor; Joe Graves, Councilmember; Robert Brackett, Councilmember; Rey Neville, Councilmember.

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