VERO BEACH - Vero Beach City Manager Monte Falls has given the city council an update on the long-awaited Three Corners development project. The current timeline Mr. Falls provided envisions the Feb. 6, 2024 city council meeting as the date the city will approve the Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Regulations for the site.

After the closure of the power plant in 2015 and the decision to relocate the wastewater treatment plant, many ideas were floated as to what should be done with the 38-acre waterfront parcel, located at the intersection of 17th St. and Indian River Blvd., at the foot of the Alma Lee Loy Bridge. The site is considered the most valuable publicly owned waterfront property on Florida’s east coast.

Now that the city council and voters have approved the general outline of the plan, which readers can view via the links at the end of this article, councilmembers and the public are anxious to see progress.

According to Mr. Falls, the project implementation has three major ongoing activities: hire a project manager, select a master developer, and revise the City Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Regulations for the site.

The project manager job description, Mr. Falls said, was posted to the city's job opportunities site on Jan. 25, and advertised. Interviews with qualified candidates are being scheduled, and the plan is to make a hiring decision by June 1.

Planning Director Jason Jeffries went over the timeline for the Comprehensive Plan/Land Development Regulations.

Mr. Jeffries said contracts with consultants or firms to provide planning services will be presented for approval at the March 21 city council meeting. Work orders with consulting firms to prepare traffic and environmental analysis will be completed by Sept. 2023.

The planning staff review and preparation of staff report will be completed in Oct. 2023. The Planning and Zoning Board's public hearing is scheduled for Nov. 16. The city council's public hearing to transmit the Comprehensive Plan Amendment to the state is scheduled for Dec. 5. The state 30-day review of the Comprehensive Plan amendment is scheduled for late Dec. 2023, and city council approval is scheduled for Feb. 6, 2024.

For more information on the city’s master plan for the site, visit

To read the city’s executive summary of the plan, visit

To see the full 207 page report that was adopted by the city council, visit

The city has a web page that summarizes the project at

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