SEBASTIAN - A familiar name will be on the Nov. 2 Sebastian City Council ballot, though it’s not exactly who you may think.

Damien Lee Gilliams is the son of former Council Member Damien Gilliams. He is one of six candidates who have qualified to run for three seats.

The other candidates are Sherrie Matthews, Clint Phipps, and current council members Fred Jones, Bob McPartlan, and Christopher Nunn.

The Sebastian City Council is comprised of five members who serve two-year terms. Two members are elected in even-numbered years and three members are elected in odd-numbered years. Elections are non-partisan and at-large.

Mayor and vice mayor are elected from among the members of the newly seated council at a special meeting following the election each year.

Ed Dodd is the current mayor and Jim Hill is vice mayor. Neither is on the ballot in November.

The following eight voter referendums called Charter Amendments are also on the ballot. Each asks for a “yes” or “no” vote. More details on each are available from the city clerk’s office, or by reading the ordinance cited in each question at the city website.

Charter Amendment Question #1: Providing Local Public Services to Include But Not Limited To Electronic Communication Services. Shall Section 1.02 (4) Public Utilities of the City of Sebastian City Charter be amended, as provided in Ordinance O-21-06, to include but not limited to electronic communication services as a possible public utility?

Charter Amendment Question #2: Require Elected or Appointed Council Members Maintain Continuous Residency and Voter Registration within the City. Shall Section 2.02 of the City of Sebastian City Charter be amended, as provided in Ordinance O-21-07, to include that once elected or appointed, council member must maintain a continuous physical residency and voter registration in the City of Sebastian throughout their term of office?

Charter Amendment Question #3: Add Mayor has the Power to Declare Emergency and Remove Term of Vice Mayor Language. Shall Section 2.06 (b) Mayor-Duties, general of the City Charter be amended, as provided in Ordinance O-21-08, to give the Mayor the power to declare a state of local emergency to be consistent with City Code Section 2-37; and 2.06 (c) Vice Mayor-Selection and Term be amended to remove the term of the Vice Mayor?

Charter Amendment Question #4: Provide for Suspension, a Special Hearing and a Provision to Restore a Council Member. Shall Sections 2.08 (a), (c), (d) (e) and (f) be amended, as provided in Ordinance O-21-09, to include the suspension of a council member if he or she is arrested for a felony or misdemeanor related to the duties of office as determined at a special hearing and to revoke and restore the suspension upon acquittal or found not guilty?

Charter Amendment Question #5: Limit Special Meeting to One (1) Topic and Require Reasonable Notice. Shall Section 2.12 Procedure (a) Meetings of the City Charter be amended, as provided in Ordinance O-21-10 to require a special city council meeting to be limited to one topic and require reasonable notice?

Charter Amendment Question #6: Adjust Days for Candidates to Qualify for Election. Shall Section 4.02 (b) of the City Charter be amended, as provided in Ordinance O-21-11 to adjust the days a candidate has to qualify for election to at least 81 days but no more than 96 days prior to the day of the election?

Charter Amendment Question #7: Outcome for a Tie Vote Shall be in Accordance with Florida Law. Shall Section 4.12 (b) of the City Charter be amended, as provided in Ordinance O-21-12 to include the language that the outcome of a tie vote shall be in accordance with Florida Law instead of a special runoff election?

Charter Amendment Question #8: What to Do When There is Not a Majority of City Council Available to Serve. Shall Section 4.14 of the City Charter be amended, as provided in Ordinance O-21-13 to clarify the language what to do when there is not a majority of City Council available to serve and to add the language for the removal or suspension from office as additional reasons Council Member would not be able to serve?

Full text amendments are available for review in the city clerk's office. Electronic copy may be requested by calling (772) 388-8215 or (772) 388-8209. Spanish language amendments can be viewed at, then click “Spanish Version of Referendum Questions”.

For questions about Sebastian city elections, email City Clerk Jeanette Williams at or call (772) 388-8215.

For information about voter registration, precincts and polling places, or early voting, contact Indian River County Supervisor of Elections Leslie Swan at (772) 226-4700.

For more information about the upcoming Sebastian elections, visit

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