Kindness Symbol - Tropical Elementary School

Teacher Barbara Wilcox and her "Kindness Club" students at Tropical Elementary school in Merritt Island receive a proclamation from Cape Canaveral Councilman Wes Morrison in recognition of their efforts to spread a positive message of kindness.

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY — Brevard County school children worked with Congressman Bill Posey (R-Rockledge) to create and introduce a U.S. House Resolution to promote acts of kindness throughout the nation by recognizing the national kindness symbol.

The effort was initiated by kindergarteners attending Tropical Elementary School on Merritt Island and their teacher, Ms. Barbara Wilcox.

“The students believe that when people see the Kindness symbol it will remind them to be kind. They want the whole world to be kind,” said Tropical Elementary School Teacher Barbara Wilcox. “This Kindness initiative, started by 5- and 6-year-old students, gives us a vision of their expectations for their future.”

The 'Kindness Is Daily Sunshine' or 'KIDS Resolution' recognizes the Symbol of Kindness created by the children attending Tropical Elementary School and urges acts of kindness throughout our nation.

“How to be a good neighbor is an important lesson for our children to learn because it helps build strong local communities,” said Congressman Posey. “I congratulate these young children, and their teacher, Barbara Wilcox, for working so hard to spread a positive message that is relevant to our everyday lives.”

One six-year-old student said, “Kindness is important because it is like Peace.” Another student said, “Kindness is important because kindness spreads.” Other students stressed that kindness shows a caring personality and can make your heart grow bigger.

Posey said the project introduces children to how our government works, but also that “children are often the best teachers of kindness and a reminder about how we treat others is sometimes needed in the political discourse that takes place in Washington.”

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