Stormwater drain mural

Mural Project is seeking designs and artists to paint stormwater drains with the simple message “Only Rain Down the Drain.”

VERO BEACH - The Indian River County Stormwater Division and the Downtown Vero Beach Mural Project are teaming up for an educational art project.

The groups are soliciting designs and artists to paint stormwater drains with the simple message “Only Rain Down the Drain.” The idea is to educate residents and visitors about how the drains all lead to the lagoon, so anything other than water that goes down the drain is polluting the lagoon.

The Downtown Vero Beach Mural Project is now accepting design proposals. The county will have final approval of all designs.

The drains are a variety of sizes and shapes, so design proposals, if possible, should include a suggestion as to which drain the artists would like to paint. Selected designs that do not specify a particular drain will be assigned one.

All paint and protective coatings are being donated by Crystal Ploszay with Badass Floorscapes and Unicorn Epoxy.

First priority will be given to schools, or any other organizations that involve children. Next on the priority list are civic organizations directly concerned with the lagoon. While such groups will get the first look, there are so many drains in the county that quite a few will be assigned to others.

To apply, send an email to, with the subject line “Stormwater drains.” In the email, include the name of your group or organization (if on behalf of a group); the name and phone number for a contact person for your group; a simple sketch of your proposed design that should include the text "Only Rain Down the Drain"; and the location of the drain you would like to paint if you have one.

Designers are encouraged (though not required) to include depictions of sea life in their designs.

Non-artists and business owners or school employees who have suggestions for specific drains to be painted are also invited to submit those recommendations, including a photo and address of the drain. Those suggestions will be used to assign artists and designs.

The application deadline is Dec. 31, with the painting starting early in 2020.

For more information, visit, email, or follow the Vero Beach Mural Project at

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