MARTIN COUNTY – If your mind is reeling from the choices and options of finding the best personal or business insurance to fit your own unique needs, then look no further than the Atlantic Insurance Partners office in Sewall’s Point.

Established in 1993, AIP has relationships with multiple insurance companies, which allows its agents to deliver a full line of personal and commercial insurance products. The company constantly studies the product offerings of the nation’s most renowned insurance carriers – Nationwide, Progressive, Travelers, SafeCo Insurance, St. John’s, Chubb, Lloyds and Universal Property & Casualty Insurance, just to name a few – to find its clients the best rates and most appropriate coverage. Best of all, you the customer, don’t have to lift a finger other than making the initial call to AIP: They take it from there and do the shopping and comparing to save you time and money.

Atlantic Insurance Partners’ agent Mike Boogaart in Sewall’s Point has years of industry experience helping clients navigate through the sometimes complicated world of insurance coverage. A licensed Florida insurance agent since 2000, Mr. Boogaart has spent the last 18 years honing his craft as an independent AIP agent, first in Coral Gables and more recently in Port St. Lucie and Stuart. He says the most common problem faced by homeowners looking for insurance coverage is knowing exactly what each individual company actually offers as part of its insurance policy before committing.

“It is easy to think all insurance policies are the same, but they are not,” he said. “For example, one may cover pool screen enclosures, another may not. One policy may cover wind-driven rain damage during a hurricane, the other may not. One may cover animal liability, the other may not. Unfortunately, it is not until the time of claim that most people realize what kind of policy they have. I thoroughly explain each policy so my client can make the best decision for themselves, and I work hard to fit the best policy for the budget available.”

Mr. Boogaart is also an agent that can truly empathize with the needs of his customers, especially when a disaster strikes and there’s an urgent need to file a claim.

“As an agent I bring technical and practical insurance expertise to my clients,” he explained. “I have experienced more than a dozen hurricanes with two hurricane eyes passing over my house. I had a car stolen in Miami. I was in a serious car accident on Port St Lucie Boulevard when a lady ran a red light, totaling my car and injuring me. I lost my home to the 1999 forest fires in Port St Lucie. So, I bring a real-world insurance experience to my clients that cannot be learned in a textbook.”

Mr. Boogaart can also help you decide what kind of home insurance is best for your family, your budget and the type of residence you own. This can either be a comprehensive policy that cover losses such as fire, hail, smoke, falling objects, vandalism and personal property theft, or a policy that covers only specified losses. Your agent can also help you decide what level of deductible you want to pay on covered losses. Other decisions you will have to make with your agent are how much personal liability coverage you will need; medical coverage for any guests injured on your property; personal property insurance to cover losses of your possessions from damage or theft; scheduled personal property coverage for any special possessions such as jewelry, art, antiques or collectibles; and optional liability coverage if you decided to rent out your home.

Condominium owners will also need to seek guidance from their AIP agent on what to include in their insurance policies, such as whether to include the optional loss assessment coverage, which protects condo owners against certain assessments that may be levied by the condominium owners’ association.

Such insurance is not limited to just homeowners either. Those who rent their home, condo or apartment will also find personal property insurance coverage for their possessions as well.

Mr. Boogaart and his fellow AIP agents can also help you find the perfect automobile, motorcycle, boat and RV insurance by guiding you through the crucial decisions on liability, collision, comprehensive and other facets of car insurance coverage.

In addition to homeowners insurance, Atlantic Insurance Partners offers a full menu of business insurance options tailored to the food service industry. Since no two restaurants are alike, your AIP independent insurance agent will sit down with you to learn about your restaurant before making recommendations personally tailored to your specific business. Options for potential consideration as part of your restaurant insurance package include Workers Compensation insurance to protect employees and employers; data loss and identity theft protection to protect your restaurant and your customers; equipment breakdown coverage to protect against losses related to mechanical issues; business property insurance, along with business personal property and inventory coverage; commercial vehicle insurance for vehicles used on company business; liquor liability for establishments that serve alcohol; and food spoilage coverage.

Mr. Boogaart and the AIP team can also instruct clients on the potential need for umbrella insurance policies that offer additional coverage in particular situations.

“We live in a very litigious society, so it is important to protect your assets in the event of a bad day,” Mr. Boogaart said. “There’s no need to risk a lifetime of work because of an accident.”

Umbrella policies will extend the liability coverage over all your assets such as cars, boats, vacation homes and rental properties, usually in million-dollar increments. These cover the amount above the underlying policies up to the umbrella limit.

“Let’s say you are at fault in a car or boat accident where people are hurt,” the AIP independent agent added. “The underlying auto / boat policy may have $300,000 liability coverage, but what if the injuries are higher? You are responsible. An umbrella would cover the additional amount, and of course, the insurance company would defend you vigorously.”

If you still think going through a name-brand insurance agent might be best, Mr. Boogaart has some final words for you on the advantages of going independent, just as Atlantic Insurance Partners itself did several years ago.

“Captive agent is an old business model,” he insisted. “Many years ago, we were captive agents with Nationwide, but as the market changed, so did Nationwide. They recognized the benefit of independent, unbiased agents providing clients a wide range of companies. Nationwide has great products, but where it does not fit the client’s needs, I offer other companies. In most cases I send clients the top three quotes to review. It is all about what works best for the client. I am their personal independent agent.”’

Mr. Boogaart’s office is located at 3725 S.E. Ocean Blvd., Suite 104 in Sewall’s Point. For more information on Atlantic Insurance Partners services, call him at (772) 343-1963, send an email to or visit the website at

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