INDIAN RIVER COUNTY - We asked community movers and shakers for their resolutions, hopes, or goals for the New Year.

Richard Baker, President, Pelican Island Audubon

My resolution is to collaborate with everyone including our youth by planting 100,000 native trees (5,000 in the next two years), to transform our county, to save our Lagoon and waters, improve community health, and reduce the impacts of climate change.

My work with Pelican Island Audubon stems from my love for the beauty of native trees: their artistic shapes, forms, diversity of color; the products and services they provide to both humans and nature; but now so important—they save energy, provide shade and wind breaks for our homes, cool our cities and neighborhoods, reduce the need for fertilizers, remove carbon dioxide and air pollutants from our air, retain topsoil, save water bills, provide for wildlife, birds, and fish.

Chief Keith Touchberry, Fellsmere Police Department

My top resolution for 2019 is to continue to invest in the growth and development of our officers and staff as we seek new ways to connect with our community. We will remain dedicated to programs like Cadets and Kids and Neighborhood Watch and see organizations such as the Fellsmere Action Community Team, the Learning Alliance, the Fellsmere Exchange Club, and Literacy Services of Indian River County as chief partners in our quest to reduce crime and improve the quality of life in Fellsmere.

Molly Steinwald, Executive Director, Environmental Learning Center

My 2019 resolutions include 1) being more open about my faith in the Divine and how it has led me to and keeps me doing the work I do; 2) continuing to better care for myself and be more fully present for my husband and children; and 3) learning bluegrass mandolin and singing while my daughter learns the banjo bluegrass-style.

Eric Menger, Airport Director, Vero Beach Regional Airport

My New Year’s Resolution is to encourage the community to embrace managed growth with a clear vision for our shared future. As more and more residents settle here, we should reduce the regulatory burden on our businesses and promote economic strength and healthy tourism. At the same time, we must support culture, the arts, and our natural heritage. We can do both, and I look forward to a fantastic year in 2019!

Christina Tascon, Marketing Coordinator, Gifford Youth Achievement Center

2019 means hope and an appreciation for my many blessings which offered a rebirth of fresh ways to look at things. My resolution this year is to not judge people/situations, to look at things with a clear view so I may live a purposeful life by supporting others who have a useful and legitimate need.

Tony Young, Vero Beach Councilmember

My wish for 2019 is that our Vero Centennial celebration motivates another century of vision & prosperity for our special coastal community!

Ilka Daniel, Director of Animal Protective Services, Humane Society of Vero Beach and Indian River County

I generally don't make resolutions but try to set new goals. I have found I rush through each day and my goal is to change those habits.

Take time to cherish the simple pleasures in life such as time with family, friends and pets. The years have passed much too quickly. In both my private life and at work I am blessed with moments, sensations, and actions that I experience each and every day and I often don't have or take the time to experience the joy they bring me. I am blessed in so many ways and plan on making each moment count.

Adam Schnell, Artistic Director/CEO, Ballet Vero Beach

My plan for 2019 is to use art as a mirror to continue to show how we are all more alike than different!

Chuck Kirby, former Captain at Indian River County Sheriff’s Office

My New Year’s resolution is simply to be the best role model possible. Changing the world begins with inspiring our children and grandchildren.

Bob Solari, Indian River County Commissioner

My New Year’s wish is that Indian River County can work with the responsible state agencies and stop the dumping of South Florida's toilet waste on the western part of the County, which is apparently damaging the Blue Cypress Lake and putting the potable water supply of the Upper St. John's River Basin in grave danger!

Amie Wilson, Director of Nursing, Champion Home Health Care

My goal for 2019 as the Director of Nursing for Champion Home Health Care is to continue to lead Champion in our mission of being a strong community partner by helping to serve the residents of Indian River County and St. Lucie County with dedication and excellent care.

Laura Moss, Vero Beach Councilmember

To my beloved Vero Beach, you gave me the energy and the confidence needed to pursue the sale of Vero Electric to FPL. Everywhere I went, your constant encouragement and support spurred me on. I am honored to serve you, and I thank you for making me the top vote-getter on Election Day 2016 and again in 2018. My hope for the coming year is to prevail in the "special" City Council election on 02/26/2019 and to represent you with continuing determination and enthusiasm, always protecting your best interests - the Public Good.

Indian River County Reporter


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