INDIAN RIVER COUNTY - In his end of school year message, Indian River County Superintendent David K. Moore expressed confidence that the school district has successful weathered challenges brought on by COVID-19.

“Teachers and staff have conquered challenges in unprecedented times, making innovative adjustments to the methodologies, to continue their teaching and working from home while staying connected to their students and co-workers,” Dr. Moore said.

“We distributed over 6,100 laptops and 127 hot spots during campus closures, ensuring that all students could stay connected during distance learning.”

“We began distributing free meals for all of our children in Indian River County on March 16, just two days after closing the schools on Friday, March 13. Since then we have distributed over 328,500 meals to children in our county, and we will continue meal distribution to support our families in this time of need.”

Dr. Moore announced in-person graduation dates of July 10 for Vero Beach High School and July 11 for Sebastian River High School, after receiving student and family requests for traditional graduations.

“We are looking forward to recognizing the class of 2020 in early July, in individual ceremonies for each high school, as we give our graduates the opportunity to walk across the stage that they have rightfully deserved,” Dr. Moore said.

In a news release linking to the year-end message, the school district claimed progress in race relations.

“We continued our work of demanding equity in our school district, including completing revisions and obtaining feedback from our Equity Committee and local NAACP members, resulting in a Board-approved equity plan,” the district said, adding that they “established an African American Achievement Council and expectations for development and initiation of school-based implementation plans.”

The district also noted the creation of “leadership training pools for those who are currently serving in an administrator role, as well as for those aspiring to be principals and assistant principals.”

According to the SDIRC, 26 applications have been submitted for the principal pool, and 29 applications have been submitted for the assistant principal pool, with the selection process in progress.

“In addition, an Instructional Coaching Academy was initiated for those currently serving as an instructional coach, as well as for those hoping to serve as an instructional coach in the future.”

According to the district, 78 applications were submitted for the Instructional Coaching Academy, with 61 applicants currently enrolled.

The district said the leadership and instructional coaching academies will “enhance the capacity and expertise of those currently serving in an administrator role, as well as those aspiring to become principals, assistant principals, or instructional coaches.”

“The opportunities that were presented during this time of uncertainty allowed for growth throughout our district and the development of new and innovative methodologies in every area,” the SDIRC said. “We set our standards high.”

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