County waives temporary outdoor dining restrictions

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted the restaurant and food industry. These effects

have been particularly damaging to local establishments that rely on business from out of town

visitors, in addition to serving the residents of Indian River County.

Pursuant to Executive Order 20-112, restaurants and food establishments may resume providing

on-site consumption of food and beverages, so long as those establishments limit their indoor

capacity to no more than 25% of their building capacity. Additionally, Executive Order 20-112

permits restaurants and food establishments to serve patrons who are seated outdoors but does

not place a limit on the capacity of outdoor seating areas, so long as appropriate social distancing

guidelines implemented.

Accordingly, in order to provide local restaurants and food establishments the ability to re-open

in a viable manner, while also ensuring measures to protect the health and safety of all County

residents and visitors, Indian River County has waived temporary use permitting and site plan

restrictions which govern temporary outdoor dining areas for restaurants and food


This waiver is subject to the following limitations:

- Temporary outdoor dining areas shall not block entrance or exit ways or impede any

ability to ensure public safety

- Temporary outdoor dining areas shall comply with all applicable fire code and public

health department requirements

- Temporary outdoor dining areas shall not block streets, driveways, parking lot lanes, or

any area that impedes access or poses a conflict between patrons and vehicular traffic

- Temporary outdoor dining areas located within a parking lot shall utilize a physical

barrier to separate the dining area from the parking area

- Temporary outdoor dining areas shall not block any drainage or utility areas

Office of the



This waiver applies to any restaurant or food establishment located within the unincorporated

areas of Indian River County as well as those located within the City of Sebastian. Restaurants

located within the City of Vero Beach should contact the City of Vero Beach Planning

Department at (772) 978-4550 to facilitate outside seating.

Indian River State College Graduates More than 3,500

More than 3,500 Indian River State College (IRSC) students have earned their degrees this 2019-20 academic year. Despite unforeseen challenges—from hurricane Dorian in the fall to the present Coronavirus pandemic—IRSC students persevered in true Pioneer spirit.

This year marks the eighth consecutive academic cycle that the IRSC graduating class has exceeded 3,000. A record 830 students—more than one of five—earned Baccalaureate degrees; 2,108 students earned Associate in Arts degrees; and 570 students received Associate in Science or Associate in Applied Science degrees. Diplomas will be mailed to all graduates in June.

Indian River State College plans to hold a special ceremony, or expand its December 2020 Commencement ceremony to include its spring 2020 graduates. Results of a survey fielded in April revealed that the majority of graduates prefer to walk in a live ceremony when health and safety guidelines allow, sharing their graduation moments with fellow students, family and friends. Details will be shared as arrangements are finalized.

Soon, a special section honoring this year’s graduates will be hosted on the College website at This virtual celebration of the Class of 2020 will list all of IRSC’s spring graduates; offer words of congratulations and support from fellow students, faculty and staff; feature a video message from President Massey; and house a graduate photo gallery. Those interested in a sharing a message to this year’s graduating class may do so at

Vero Beach Dog Park continues to make improvements

The south parking area was reconstructed in early in 2019 as a van accessible, handicapped parking area.  An entry area with a shade structure and a large pavilion in the small dog area followed two months later.

The majority of the work on the dog park’s accessibility projects was made possible through generous donations from Kevin and Kathy Spittle and the Spittle Family Fund.

Since its founding in 2014, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been invested in capital improvements at the dog park and over $250,000 spent for its annual operations. Vero Beach Dog Park is the only free public dog park in Vero Beach and is the only leased city property that does not charge for services. The dog park is located on Indian River Drive East in the City of Vero Beach. To learn more about Vero Beach Dog Park go to

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