For Pat Alley, being a part of the Jewelia Project was an easy decision

Jewelia 2018

     Pat Alley is a Lady – of Jewelia, that is.

     The Jewelia Project is a group of 12 local women who share “ownership” of a diamond necklace, using it as a means to raise public awareness of and much-needed funding for HANDS of St. Lucie County. The HANDS Clinic provides access to free healthcare to St. Lucie County’s low-income, uninsured, adult population and relies on public donations for its operations.

     Pat Alley, likely best known for her years as the marketing guru for the former Riverside National Bank, chose May as her month to wear the necklace known as Jewelia and spend her time advocating for the clinic. If you follow her on Facebook, you’ve seen her posts about the viable role the clinic plays in this community where one in every three adults is uninsured.

     Because she’s been involved in so many aspects of keeping St. Lucie County healthy, Pat may have touched more lives that anyone can count. She supports the March of Dimes – because her premature grandbaby is lucky to be alive today; the Humane Society of St. Lucie County – because she believes in rescuing rather than buying; the 100 Club – because she believes our first responders should get the full support of this community; and the Lighthouse Foundation and Little Feet – because she knows that some kids just need a little more love and kindness in their lives.

     Among the many nonprofits for which she has donated her time, talent, and treasure, is one that is closest to her heart – The Children’s Services Council. Pat has served on its Board of Directors for three terms. Executive Director Sean Boyle said, “Mrs. Alley is so wonderful – she’s been appointed to the Council by two – yes, two different governors. She’s been a steadfast advocate for children and is always the first to volunteer to work directly with the community.”

     Pat has served on the Board of Directors for Main Street Fort Pierce for more than 25-years, where she has been instrumental in its continued success. Doris Tillman, Executive Director of Main Street said, “Pat has been a true asset to Main Street Fort Pierce.  Her love for her community became a strong commitment to supporting every project we’ve set our sights on.”

     And she serves on the Board of Directors for HANDS of St. Lucie County, a Volunteers in Medicine clinic, where she has been a three-year member of the prestigious Jewelia Project. Never one to say “No,” in true Pat Alley fashion, when asked if she’d like to be a part of this very special group, Pat responded with a rousing, “Hell, yes!” Pat, along with the other members of this elite group of women have raised more than $520,000 for the clinic.

     Not one to rest on her laurels, when she retired, she still needed and wanted to be a part of things, so she took a position working for Diamond Litty and the Public Defender’s office, assisting with its annual golf tournament that raises funds to benefit Life Builders of the Treasure Coast.

     Sydney Liebman, former staff member of the HANDS Clinic, says, “I have known Pat Alley nearly all of my adult life. In banking, she was known for her marketing prowess. Like Zerox is synonymous to photo copying and Coke is to soda, Pat Alley was to marketing, and I wanted to be just like her. On top of that, she’s the best kind of friend anyone could ever have – always there for you.”

  Pat is a true blue Fort Pierce girl, and in fact, actually bleeds orange and blue for the University of Florida Gators. Have you seen her house? Her wardrobe? She is married to Bob and they have three children – Kathi, Bobby, and Patrick. She’ll be more than happy to sit down and talk about them and her five grandchildren and four greats – or even her two fur babies.

     This Fort Pierce girl, who grew up going to the Sunrise Theatre when it was a movie house, drinking birch beer at the old A&W, and driving her car in the hard sand of Fort Pierce Beach is grateful every day for everything – but nothing means more to her than her family, her fur-babies, her health, and her ability and desire to help others.

     To learn more about the HANDS Clinic, to volunteer, to donate, or to support The Jewelia Project, call Christine at (772) 462-5652.

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