TREASURE COAST — With storm season now in full swing, Florida City Gas (FCG) is urging its customers to start their storm plans and preparations now. While FCG’s facilities are underground and interruptions to natural gas service during a storm are unlikely, it’s important to know signs of a gas leak following a dangerous storm or hurricane. Additionally, knowing where natural gas pipes are located can prevent damage or gas leaks while clearing debris, like fallen trees, after a storm. Remember, it’s important to call 811 before digging to prevent injuries or service interruptions of utility services.

FCG reminds you to stay safe and aware during and after severe weather by offering the following tips:

Detecting Gas Leaks

Natural gas is a colorless, odorless fuel. For safety reasons, a chemical odorant, often associated with the smell of rotten egg, is added for easy detection. If customers smell this odor after a storm, they should immediately leave the affected area and call 911 from a safe location.1. Then, call the FCG 24-hour emergency response line at 888.352.5325.

Restoring Natural Gas Service

In the unlikely event customers are without natural gas service, they should not attempt to restore it themselves. The storm may have caused damage to the meter, natural gas line or appliances, which may create hazardous conditions if restored without the proper safety checks and procedures. Customers should not attempt to use or move appliances if flooding occurs. FCG personnel will work safely and efficiently to respond to customers as soon as possible. If a natural gas meter is damaged or gas line is exposed, immediately leave the area and call 911.

Damage Prevention

Strong winds and saturated grounds can cause trees to become uprooted. During clean up and repair after a storm, avoid causing damage to underground gas lines by calling Sunshine 811 before digging or removing downed trees. Downed trees and other debris could become tangled with the underground natural gas pipes.

Natural Gas Generators

Natural gas generators deliver continuous fuel supply from an existing natural gas line, providing you with the reliability you need during and after a storm. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use the generator.

Florida City Gas provides safe, reliable and affordable natural gas service to approximately 116,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Brevard, Hendry, Martin, St. Lucie and Indian River counties. It is a subsidiary of Juno Beach, Florida-based NextEra Energy, Inc. (NYSE: NEE), a clean energy company widely recognized for its efforts in sustainability, ethics and diversity, and ranked No. 1 in the electric and gas utilities industry in Fortune's 2019 list of “World's Most Admired Companies.”

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