Old-timers fish fry and get-together

North Indian River County “old-timers” and their kin invite you to join an annual fish fry and get together on Saturday, Dec. 1 in Roseland at the old fire station. These good old folks hosting the event are from some of the families that pioneered the north county area, most in the fishing, cattle or farming business.

This event is a way to reach out to those who have lost touch, may want to rekindle old times, or maybe find someone that can fill in parts of a story forgotten, or misplaced, or swap their version of old stories, you know… “how big was that fish, really?”

Old timer Burl Flood and his family will be hard at work frying up the mullet and hush puppies, with the fish coming from Judah’s Fish House in Sebastian.

Ticket charge is $9 to cover the cost of the fish and fixings. Some chicken will be on hand for non-fish eaters. You can get a ticket in advance from an old timer, or get one at the door. Food will be served up beginning about 1 p.m. Gathering and storytelling begins about noon.

Please call that old timer you know and see if they need a ride. No maximum or minimum age requirement.

For tickets, or questions about the event, call Sandy Chesser Platt at (321) 288-5204, Dot Judah at (772) 589-5315 or Peggy Smith at (850) 443-5904.

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