Martin County Pet of the Week - Week of July 24, 2020


Anastasia is a very special bunny. She came to HSTC in early May nearly dead. She was severely underweight, had a nasty ear mite infestation in both ears, was missing fur, and her skin was inflamed. She had a splayed hind leg, difficulty moving, and was clearly in a lot of pain. Immediately upon her arrival she was seen by our shelter vet and began treatment in the comfort of a bunny-savvy foster home. Anastasia now has most of her fur, is ear-mite free, and is no longer in pain. She still has a bit of weakness in her hind-end, but this doesn’t stop her from exploring. Anastasia is 6 years old, so she is a bit of an elder bun. She is looking for a bunny-savvy home with no young children and lots of room to hop around. Her favorite hobbies are redecorating her living space, snacking on a tiny bit of banana, and exploring new bunny-proof areas. Anastasia has been described by her foster-mom as an outgoing and curious bun. Her absolute favorite snack foods are greens of many varieties but especially herbs like parsley, cilantro, basil, and mint. Another wonderful thing about Anastasia -- she has excellent litterbox habits!

Anastasia is currently accepting visitors at the HSTC main shelter. Please call us at 772-223-8822 to schedule an appointment!

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