Indian River County Sheriffs Office

Joy Carmel, 46, of Sebastian, possession of a controlled substance.

Veronica Godwin, 20, of Vero Beach, felony violation of probation.

Andrew Cook, 48, of Vero Beach, felony violation of probation.

Brenda Haggerty, 57, of Vero Beach, battery on law enforcement officer/firefighter/EMT, depriving officer means of communication.

John Hendrix, 42, of Newport Richey, unemployment compensation fraud.

Jayden Beam, 20, of Vero Beach, possession of cocaine, possession/sale of alprazolam with intent to sell, possession/sale of marijuana, carrying a concealed firearm.

Robert Howell, 35, of Vero Beach, third degree grand theft.

Henry Ross, 45, of Vero Beach, burglary of a dwelling/structure/conveyance with assault or battery.

Febrina Johnson, 24, of Fort Pierce, aggravated battery.

Jevelious Bryant, 35, of Tampa, possession of controlled substance.

Drucella Griffin, 56, of Vero Beach, battery on a person 65 years of age or older.

Aubry Henry, 26, of Vero Beach, auto burglary.

Billy Chhron, 34, of Vero Beach, child abuse.

Shawn Gregoire, 33, of Sebastian, fleeing/eluding officers in marked patrol vehicle with lights/siren at high rate of speed.

Kenneth Griggs, 28, of Okeechobee, felony violation of probation.

Kayla Nesbitt, 27, of Vero Beach, fleeing/attempting to elude police officer.

Vero Beach Police Department

Da’Nishia Bennett, 25, of Vero Beach, burglary of an occupied residence with battery.

Elizabeth Nelson, 43, of Vero Beach, possession of methamphetamine.

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