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Soon it will be September 11th. On that day, we will mark the 20th anniversary of 9-11. Like so many others, I have found myself thinking back to that day. I remember the pain, the feeling of hopelessness, the anger, and then the pride in my fellow man.

With golf season in full swing, it’s difficult to swing a club without hitting a charity or fundraising golf event. Most of these are played in a scramble format. The idea is to have fun and allow everyone, no matter their skill level, to have a good time. All while donating money to a good cause.

Ask any of my golf buddies and they will tell you that I tend to carry more than the 14-club limit the rules allow. Being in the media, I get to test new clubs all the time. I hate not having my trusty old version with me if the new one happens to not quite work for me.

If you watched any of the Open Championship this past weekend, you may have found yourself pining to play some “links golf”. There is nothing quite like watching yo0ur golf ball take crazy bounces, roll forever, or wind up in the gorse. There is an entirely new kind of frustration to the gam…