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I’ve noticed this phenomenon while instructing new computer users: A lost look will come over many new users when asked to click an object because they can’t find it. Usually, I will hear “I don’t have that,” a short pause, and then the inevitable “Oh! Here it is!”

The modern, high-tech remote keys for our vehicles are amazing. They can, not only start your car, but lock and unlock the doors, open the trunk, and help you find your car at the mall by flashing lights or blowing the horn. Some of us didn’t really want or need the extra “bells and whistles…

Soon it will be September 11th. On that day, we will mark the 20th anniversary of 9-11. Like so many others, I have found myself thinking back to that day. I remember the pain, the feeling of hopelessness, the anger, and then the pride in my fellow man.