Vero Mobile Home Supply

Vero Mobile Home Supply at 785 8th Court, Vero Beach, has been serving Treasure Coast mobile home owners for 45 years. They have everything you need for any mobile home improvement project.

VERO BEACH - If you own or rent a mobile home, you know how hard it can be to find a replacement part. Sinks and doors from home supply stores are almost always the wrong size, and even small plumbing connectors rarely fit the parts you need to connect in a mobile home.

In Vero Beach and for 50 miles in any direction, the one store that has everything you need is Vero Mobile Home Supply.

“Let’s say they want to buy a door,” co-owner Mark Wright told Hometown News. “You cannot go to just any home supply store and buy a door for a mobile home. There are so many manufacturers, and so many different sizes.”

“First, we make sure they size the door properly. Once they pick the door, they also need a knob. You cannot put a knob you find at a home supply store into a mobile home door. Our doors are narrower, a little smaller, and they just fit mobile homes.”

“Another example is when the faucet leaks in the shower. The mobile home’s faucet plumbing is often harder to reach than in a regular home. So I teach them how to rebuild the valve stem, with a new handle, and the problem is solved without cutting through the wall. We get questions about those kinds of repairs all the time.”

Vero Mobile Home Supply has been serving Treasure Coast mobile home owners for 45 years, since 1974. During that time it has only changed hands twice. Mark Wright and his partner, Gerry Wood, bought the store in Feb., 2019.

Mark works in the store, handling the customer service, ordering, and computer work, while Gerry visits the mobile home parks and helps with measurements, to make sure people are buying the exact right size of whatever they need.

“While we can’t possibly stock every size and manufacturer, we can order anything. So when Gerry comes out and helps take your measurement, you’re sure the final product will fit.”

People frequently bring in a part that they just can’t find. Presuming it hasn’t been discontinued, Vero Mobile Home Supply can find it.

“One big advantage to visiting us is that we don’t only sell parts, we help them figure out how to do the project. Then they tell neighbors in their parks, who need to do the same project, and before you know it we’re helping multiple homeowners on the same block with the same project.”

While we were talking, two men walked in, and Mark spent 20 minutes with them discussing their project and finding them the right part. They left very happy, as if they had finally found the solution they’d been looking for.

“That’s an advantage to buying from me instead of online,” Mr. Wright said. “He brought in two parts he needed connected, and I showed him the connector that he needed. He tried it right here and saw that it worked. If he ordered it online, how would he know if it was the perfect fit on both ends? He wouldn’t. We can touch it, put it together, and they leave happy, with the right part in hand, ready to complete the job.”

Vero Mobile Home Supply can get you any part you need, including electrical supplies like outlets, switches, breakers; plumbing supplies like faucets, fixtures, and fittings. They have laundry room doors and screen doors, storm panels, dead bolts, and tie-downs to secure the home to the ground.

If you just need a new screen but not a whole door or window, they can replace your screen.

“We have skirting, which goes between the bottom of the mobile home and the dirt, so you don’t get critters in there. We sell siding, if you want to re-side your house or just replace one piece. We have parts for the bathroom exhaust, including motors.”

They can even have mobile home bathtubs or showers delivered to your door.

Showing some sample tubs and sinks, Mr. Wright said “These sinks match the hole on your countertop. The home supply store sinks are bigger. So ours will match your existing mobile home sink hole.”

“A lot of people who move here from out of state are downsizing to a mobile home. After they buy it, they start finding things they need to replace. They don’t know where to get them, so they go to the home supply stores, who usually send them to me.”

“We have customers in all the parks between Melbourne and Jensen Beach. Just since February, my customers have passed out 3,000 of our business cards in their mobile home parks. So when we make one customer happy, his or her neighbors become our customers.”

Bottom line: if you need advice or any part for a mobile home improvement project, don’t waste your time and money searching for the right part online or at big box stores. Just go to Vero Mobile Home Supply first, and get the job done right in less time.

Vero Mobile Home Supply is located at 785 8th Court, Unit 4, Vero Beach. Regular hours are Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m.-4 p.m. For more information, call (772) 569-9233 or email

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