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The owner’s decades of experience here can help guide your way to better health

FORT PIERCE ­— Joanne Augusto-Seeger has a passion for helping others through the choice of a natural foods and herbal lifestyle.

For more than 35 years, she’s been helping customers find the healthiest foods, supplements and alternative treatment therapies, and for 16 of those years she’s been at the helm at Joanne's Nutrition World in Downtown Fort Pierce.

Mrs. Seeger began her natural lifestyle journey many years ago at a small health food store in New York. It was there that she began to sense her true calling to help people discover their own potential for health and happiness. She subsequently studied macrobiotics in the early 1980s and began to fully comprehend the correlation between diet and health. After relocating to Florida 30 years ago, she began visiting natural food stores as a sales rep for a nutrition line and met up with David Cohen in Fort Pierce, the original owner of what was then simply known as Nutrition World.

“I entered his office one day being very upset that I had to leave my newborn son home alone with a babysitter all the time, and I wished that there was some way I could own a store and bring my child along,” she said. “Then, he suggested I buy his store.”

And the rest is local natural foods history.

In the ensuing decade and a half, Joanne's Nutrition World has gone through two location changes as the owner transformed the business to meet the modern nutritional needs of the local community. In her first Downtown Fort Pierce location, she even offered massage and acupuncture services but then decided to downsize and relocate to her “very quant and smaller space” in the historic Arcade building, which she says she’ll never leave. She still carries a full line of vitamins and supplements -- including the Terry Naturally and Garden of Life brands -- but has since added three lines of cannabis- or hemp-oil based products to help satisfy the growing demand for this non-hallucinogenic pain remedy. Mrs. Seeger admits dragging her feet on the decision in order to ensure her customers had access to the most effective products on the market.

“After being in the business for 35 years, this category was the most difficult decision for me to make on which brands to carry,” she explained. “For two years I waited before I brought in CBD to make sure I was getting the best quality that was available. Some people use the description Wild, Wild West referring to the plethora of types and uses, and I definitely agree. I have spent the last 18 months trying to learn about how the plants are grown and the oil is extracted and how to know how much for each user.”

Mrs. Seeger’s “difficult search” for companies with integrity, high ethics and extremely natural, high quality products led her to both Provida Health and Mitchell's Medicinals. She admits using herself, family members and friends as guinea pigs in order to find the best suppliers and brands for her customers.

“I have to acknowledge the Provida brand,” she said. “The owner has spent years going to the actual farms and following every step of production, as well as testing his brand and others for their purity and strength. The Provida Health company fabricates a full spectrum, CO2 hemp-extract topical balm that’s infused with natural essential oils to help relieve swelling and ease muscular aches and pains.”

The Mitchell's Medicinals line includes sublingual drops, topical ointment and body butter and is non-psychotropic, non-GMO, free of solvents and legal in all 50 states. Mrs. Seeger has also added the very portable Innovative CBD line to the mix. The company pre-fills 40mg glass cartridges of organic, unrefined full plant hemp oil that’s extracted with only CO2 at sub-critical temperatures that is compatible with most vaporizers.

As far as CBD oil, Mrs. Seeger practices what she preaches.

“My goal is for everyone to seek out an authentic, full-spectrum, no glycol and no- artificial-ingredients CBD oil so they can see for themselves how amazing it is,” she explained. “I have recently suffered with plantar fasciitis, as well as anxiety. The CBD oil took my anxiety away in minutes, and without the oil I couldn’t walk on my foot. Now I can walk on both.” 

Joanne's Nutrition World also offers its customers a variety of alternative therapies, including two very unique detoxification methods. The first is by the Sunlighten company, which created a system of high-tech Solocarbon Far-Infrared heating panels considered the most therapeutic in high concentrations.

“Solocarbon panels are proven 95 percent emissive, meaning that 95 percent of the energy being produced is in the therapeutic range to increase the core body temperature for a deep, detoxifying sweat,” Mrs. Seeger said. “This is the active ingredient that has been clinically shown to lower blood pressure, aid in weight loss and support detoxification.”

The store owner described her other detoxification method, the ION Foot Detox, as “the most unique product that I offer.”

“This service has been available for over 15 years and customers love it,” she exclaimed. “Because of their powerful charge, ions cleanse the body more effectively than any other method of detox. The process is safe, relaxing and non-invasive, and is a great way to aid the body in its natural detoxification.”

While visiting Joanne's Nutrition World, you can opt for the finger stick blood analysis service provided by Christopher Allison, a local acupuncture physician and doctor of Oriental medicine. The in-depth analysis provides a comprehensive snapshot of your overall health from which the physician can create a step-by-step program to restore health and energy by taking into account nutritional needs, as well as hormonal, dietary and emotional tendencies.

“I invited Christopher Alison into the store about five years ago to give customers an alternative option to their health choices,” Mrs. Seeger said. “Customers love him, and he has improved many of my customers’ lives.”

Mrs. Seeger said she derives her satisfaction from living the healthy lifestyle and helping her patrons with the knowledge she has gleaned over her decades in the nutritional field.

“The most rewarding thing for me is having a customer come in and say that I changed their life by helping them feel better,” she said.

Joanne’s Nutrition World is located in Suite 121 of the Arcade Building at 101 N. U.S. 1 in Fort Pierce. For more information or to make an appointment for the detox services, call (772) 464-3598 or visit the website at https://joannesnutritionworld.com.

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