Dr. Gwen Rolle, director, Charr-Nix’s New Generation School of Beauty.

Dr. Gwen Rolle can’t wait for classes to start at her new Charr-Nix’s New Generation School of Beauty.

VERO BEACH - Dr. Gwendolyn Rolle has been working for over a year to open her new beauty school in Vero Beach. That hard work has paid off, as Charr-Nix’s New Generation School of Beauty is open for registration. Classes start on March 5.

The school recently received its license from the Florida Dept. of Education.

“I am very excited about receiving the license because that allows us to move forward as a school, with students,” Dr. Rolle told Hometown News.

The school will have a theory segment, a traditional classroom environment that includes workbooks, and a practical segment with hands-on application of beauty techniques. Class size will normally range three to five students, which allows for one-on-one time with the teacher.

“The first class we’ll be doing is our historic class, the first students to enroll in the New Generation School of Beauty. For this class we are offering a 25 percent discount, because they will be the legacy, the foundation of the school.”

Cosmetology and Barbering classes start on March 5, with Massage classes starting soon thereafter.

A license is required to work in the cosmetology field in Florida. Dr. Rolle feels very strongly about helping her students get licensed, so they can work legally throughout the state.

“We don’t want people working in the field without a license, as they are taking away from the people who are trying to make it a career,” Dr. Rolle said. “We have to protect the field, protect the profession, just like any other field that requires a license. We have to keep up the standards, and make sure beauty institutions have a good reputation.”

“The licensing fee is included in your tuition with us. I’ve seen students do their 1,200 hours requirement, then they don’t go to the state board for their license because they don’t have the license fee. With us, when you enroll in the school, your license fee is already paid, so when you finish we send your paperwork and you don’t have to look for money to take the license test. If you’re going to invest 1,200 hours in our school, I want to do everything I can to make sure when you leave here, you have your license.”

“We get them ready to pass the state board test. It defeats the purpose if you don’t pass your test and get your license at the end of your training. I want my school to be known for preparing students to get their license.”

“I’ve always been a person who pursues higher education in cosmetology, and that’s what I’m going to encourage in our students. This field is very rewarding. Even if you have another career, this can bring you extra income, once you are licensed. You can be a cosmetologist along with whatever else you like to do.”

Dr. Rolle has 40 years teaching experience, and she’s been presenting hair shows in her native Bahamas for 25 years. She taught at the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute, has been the head of a cosmetology department, and has a doctorate in Cosmetology.

Dr. Rolle knows the cosmetology and barbering industries inside-out, and she is passionate about sharing that knowledge.

Dr. Rolle also knows that there is a need in Florida for people who can cut the hair of all nationalities. Charr-Nix’s New Generation School of Beauty will teach people how to make anyone look beautiful, regardless of hair type.

“We train people to do any kind of hair: African American, Cuban, Caucasian, Mexican, whatever texture or whatever country they are from, you’re going to learn how to do their hair. There is a real shortage of schools teaching ethnic hair. I’m finding that people from Gifford, for example, are excited that they can come here to actually learn how to do their hair.”

“Everyone wants their hair to be beautiful. I want to especially encourage people who are looking to specialize in things like weaving and braiding, and all the nice things that can be done to ethnic hair. This is the place that you will want to come to learn that.”

Plus, Dr. Rolle says, knowing all hair types is just good business sense. “You never want to say I have to send you somewhere else.”

“We also teach people who already have their cosmetology license but want to learn advanced techniques. People who are licensed can still get better in certain areas. Some people focus on particular things, like color or make-up. Whatever your specialty, we will offer monthly classes for those who already have their license.”

Dr. Rolle says the name “Charr-Nix” keeps her family in her mind at all times.

“It has a beautiful story to it,” Dr. Rolle said. “I have a daughter named Charlique. I have a granddaughter named Phoenix. So I was trying to come up with a name that would keep those two girls in my memory. So I took Charr from Charlique and Nix from Phoenix.”

“This keeps my daughter and my granddaughter in my memory every day. Every time I say the name of the school, I think of them.”

Since the school is new, Dr. Rolle says they are able to offer a very good deal on tuition, as well as financing and cash discounts.

The new school will serve the community in other ways as well. The school offers discounted hair services to community members who allow students to learn various techniques on their hair. Dr. Rolle encourages residents and visitors alike who want to save money while aiding a student’s education to contact the school about the availability of discounted services.

To sign up for day or evening classes beginning March 5, to request a tour of the school, or for more information, call Dr. Gwendolyn Rolle at (772) 925-1073, email newgensob@gmail.com, or visit the school’s Facebook page. The school also plans to hold an open house soon.

Charr-Nix’s New Generation School of Beauty is located at 3308 Aviation Blvd., Vero Beach.

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