Cosmetic dentistry transforming lives in Vero Beach

Dr. Brad Reiner

VERO BEACH - As I sat down with Dr. Bradley Reiner to discuss cosmetic dentistry, the friendly and personable doctor went straight to his photo albums of “before and after” patient pictures. I immediately understood why, as these photos demonstrated not only transformations of smiles, but of attitudes. In less than five minutes this reporter wanted to schedule an appointment.

Describing a technique called “white waxing” or “sculpting,” Dr. Reiner demonstrated an attention to detail that seems rare these days.

Looking at the “before” photo of one patient, Dr. Reiner said “You can see that her teeth are crowded here, and spread out here, shorter here, longer here. There are proportions problems.”

“I take an impression, and then use the impression to make a model. Then I take this home and sculpt with wax what I want the teeth to look like. Then I put putty around what I’ve sculpted, and let it set. Then I fill the inside of that putty with temporary material. That fits in the patient’s mouth, and we let it set. Then I peel off the putty and it gives an exact duplicate of what I sculpted the night before.”

My jaw must have dropped at that point, as I had never heard of a dentist spending his evenings at home working to resolve his patients’ smile problems.

“Then we make sure the lines and length are the way we want it. Then I take an impression of that and send it to the lab. They use it for a blueprint, knowing exactly how long the teeth should be, and the exact proportions. The lab can see the size and position each tooth should be.” When Dr. Reiner showed me the “after” picture, the patient had a huge smile, and the teeth looked absolutely stunning. The patient also looked much younger.

The attention to detail Dr. Reiner described sounded more like an artist describing a painting than a dentist.

“The teeth are all porcelain and have a color gradient like teeth naturally have, not one artificial monotone color. There is translucency at the incisal edge and you can also see the surface anatomy that is present in real teeth, so that light reflects off of them properly, and not just one fake looking uniform sheen. My goal is to make everything look as natural as possible.”

“There aren’t many dentists that do their own white waxing and sculpt their own teeth,” Dr. Reiner said. “It helps, because it lets me take control of the whole process from beginning to end. And it helps to know where the teeth should be at the end, so they look normal and nice.”

Looking at more before and after photos of patients, in many cases it was hard to even tell it was the same person.

“When you get the teeth in the right place, things look fabulous because people are attracted to signs of health. Teeth look natural and healthy when they are in the proper place to function correctly. It’s a form follows function thing.”

While some patients need work on the full mouth, others just need a small amount of work.

“Sometimes I just need to do two teeth, rather than the whole mouth, to get everything looking right. Sometimes you don’t have to do everything, you just need to do a little to fix what’s wrong.”

Dr. Reiner showed photos of one patient who blew glass, so she was always putting metal tube in her mouth and spinning it. “It wore away these two teeth, and her canines were flared out. So I just did the two front teeth and reshaped her canines which made her look much better.”

Showing photos of another, Dr. Reiner said “Here’s a lady whose two front teeth are normal size but the teeth next to them are much smaller than they are supposed to be. She needed help because this gives the unfortunate appearance reminiscent of a bunny because the two front teeth look big in comparison. But it’s not the two front teeth that are too big, it’s these other two teeth that are too small. So when you fix the two teeth that are too small, everything else comes back to where it looks right. Sometimes a little fix is all you need – you don’t have to change everything. A little bit goes a long way.”

The office performs all aspects of general dentistry. “There really isn’t an aspect of dentistry we don’t help our patients with. We pride ourselves in listening to our patients’ needs and concerns and then helping them with honest advice and competent comprehensive dentistry.”

“We have been working with a physician, Dr. Mattice, in the area linking dentistry to heart attack and strokes and are very concerned with our patients’ systemic health. That’s important. Recently, bacteria from the mouth have also been linked to cancers, and we have known for some time that gum disease is especially hurtful to those with diabetes. Twenty five years ago I saw a quote from Charles Mayo that said ‘Preventative dentistry can extend human life ten years,’ and I think he passed away in the late 1930s.”

If a patient already has implants, or needs an implant in addition, Dr. Reiner can work with that to make it all look consistent. Patients often opt to combine a number of cosmetic dentistry procedures to achieve what is commonly referred to as a new smile design or a smile makeover.

“The attention to detail that you need to do cosmetic dentistry overlaps with regular dentistry, and I think everything gets better. One of our mottos is: even a filling should look good. I have a sign on the wall that says that.”

Dr. Reiner grew up in Stuart, began practicing dentistry in Vero Beach in 1993, and opened his own office in 1996. He is a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry, and a graduate of the University of Florida, College of Dentistry. Dr. Reiner has received advanced training in cosmetic dentistry at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies.

Dr. Hagen Hastings, the other dentist in the practice, works with patients of all ages but has special experience with children. Dr. Reiner told me “She is one of the nicest people I have ever met.” Dr. Hastings was raised in Port St. Lucie.

Dr. Reiner and Dr. Hastings’ office is located at 3975 20th St. Suite 2th (tooth), Vero Beach. For more information, visit, or call (772) 564-0724. Office hours are Tues.-Fri., 8 a.m.–5 p.m., closed 1-2 p.m. every day.

Ask about specials, including $50 off comprehensive exam and full mouth series of x-rays.

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