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VERO BEACH – For Chelsea and Chaz Hetherington, being a part of the community is essential to having a successful business. The couple have been a part of the Jimmy John's family for over three years, and recently brought their love for the franchise to Vero Beach.

Located on Route 60 near WalMart, the store offers the usual fare that is found at any of the Jimmy John's sandwich shops, however it's easy to tell that this particular store serves up a helping of local love with each sandwich that's served.

Chaz started working at Jimmy John's years ago as a delivery driver. After spending time working for the company, he knew that he wanted to delve into shop ownership. With the help of his wife, Chelsea, her dad, Ron Trickel, and his wife, Robin, the group bought their first franchise.

“We knew we wanted something we could give 100% to,” Chelsea explained. “We are at the store almost all the time. We have a great, small work family that strives to be the best every day. One of our goals is making sure our family of employees are happy. If we have happy employees, then they will turn around and make sure our customers are happy and satisfied, and that is by far our number one goal.”

The friendly atmosphere really encompasses that philosophy. From genuine smiles when you walk through the door, to the excellent customer service when ordering, the short wait time and the delicious final product, this Jimmy John's is stepping things up.

“Our goal is to make subs in under 30 seconds,” Chelsea said. “Sometimes, we're able to have a sandwich heading out to delivery before we even hang up the phone with the customer.”

Speaking of, let's talk sandwiches...

It's hard to really enjoy tasty meats, cheese and veggies if the bread isn't fresh.. Luckily, that's never a problem at Jimmy John's. The bread (and even the lettuce for the 'unwich') are all incredibly fresh. The breads are baked all day long at the store and the lettuce for the Unwich are freshly cut daily.

When I visited restaurant, I decided I wanted to try the “Frenchie.” The fresh, warm baguette is sliced open, and topped with butter, salami, capicola, and sliced provolone. Although quite a simple sandwich, the Frenchie is quite tasty and conveniently ready for a grab and go at the counter.

Another new feature are the “Little John” subs, which are the skinny-mini version of the regular subs. This is perfect for those who don't want a big lunch or for the youngsters who may not eat a whole sandwich.

The fresh toppings at Jimmy John's are unquestionably the best around. Included are the hand-sliced veggies, such as lettuce, onion, tomato, Jimmy peppers, oregano-basil, and mayonnaise. “Freebies” such as sprouts, pickles, cumbers, Grey Poupon mustard, and Jimmy Mustard, can be added to any sandwich. Items such as guacamole, bacon, smoked ham, roast beef, tuna salad and turkey can be added for an additional charge.

Other add-ons include a drink a bag of Jimmy chips, a cookie, or a pickle.

Remember, if you're trying to steer clear of carbs, all sandwiches can be made in as an “unwich.” This delicious version of a regular sub exchanges bread for a Iceberg lettuce wraps. I wasn't sure how this was going to measure up against a regular sub, however I'm happy to report that the unwich was not only extremely tasty, it held together quite well.

Jimmy John's is happy to cater events and offers fast and convenient delivery.

For more information about Jimmy John's in Vero Beach, visit the store at 5445 20th Street, near WalMart on Route 60, call them at (772) 999-5688 or visit them online at www.jimmyjohns.com.

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