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Food from Phatz

VERO BEACH/FORT PIERCE – There are lots of restaurants that claim that their chicken wings are the best. None of them must have tried wings from Phatz Chick-n-Shack in Vero Beach.

Although new to their location on Route 60, Phatz is well-known throughout Vero Beach and the Treasure Coast. They sell their wings, topped with their famous finger-lickin' sauce at Vero Beach High School football games. They have a food truck that makes the rounds at local Food Truck events, and of course, the location in Fort Pierce has been one of the most popular wing destinations in the area for some time now.

Tessa Adams, her husband Robert Adams, and son Antwan “Roscoe” Barber, have taken the small store front that sold its fair share of chicken and fries to the the next level.

Since opening the Vero Beach location in August, locals have caught on that Phatz has more than just chicken wings. On the menu are items like the seafood combo, garbage fries, (which Tessa suggests be eaten with Ranch dressing, not sour cream), corn nuggets, Phatz salads, burgers, fried pork chop sandwiches, dirty rice, okra, and one of the hidden secrets of Phatz, the fruit punch/lemonade combo that is as sought after as the finger-lickin' sauce.

The restaurant has seating comfortable for those who want to sit alone or for large families stopping by before shopping or after church.

There is plenty of parking behind the building, which not many people are aware of. If the few spaces in front of the restaurant are taken, drive around to the back where there is plenty of room.

The afternoon that my guest and I stopped by, most of the tables were full and people were constantly in and out taking orders to go. Chow Cab also picks up food from there and delivers to the surrounding area.

Phatz Chicken Shack is my guests favorite spot for wings, so she knew to order the Finger-lickin' sauce and ordered her wings fried crispy. You know, it doesn't hurt to venture out with a self-proclaimed wing expert. Her choice was phenomenal and I enjoyed the sauce more than my usual garlic-Parmesan. When I asked Tessa about the sauce, she said it was a tried and true family recipe, but wouldn't offer and more clues as to what went in it.

Of course, there are other sauces to choose from such as different spice levels, garlic-parm, honey, BBQ, and any combination of the sauces that you can think of.

The seafood combo included fresh white fish, large shrimp, French fries, and roll. Everything on the platter was cooked fresh, served hot and seasoned to perfection. If you're not in the mood for wings, this is definitely a winning choice.

The garbage fries was one of the the most enticing items on the menu. Freshly fried and cut potatoes were topped with cheddar cheese, bacon and jalapenos. Although served with sour cream, I took Tessa's advice and used the Ranch dressing. She was right.. the dressing added the perfect balance to the spice from the jalapenos. Perfection!

This is the kind of restaurant where you'll full, happy and ready to go back again. For the best wings in town, one of the most unique sauces around, a great family atmosphere and quick friendly service, visit Phatz Chick-N-Shack in Vero Beach or Fort Pierce.

The Vero Beach store is located at 4211 20th Street, Vero Beach. You can reach them at (772) 925-0336. The Fort Pierce location is at 1523 Avenue D. You can reach that store by calling (772) 882-4838.

Visit them on Facebook or on their website at

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