TREASURE COAST – It’s been five long years since the Cirque Italia Water Circus last visited Florida so, Treasure Coast, get ready. The show is coming to Port St. Lucie for a four-day run, Jan. 20 -23. This is not just any old circus, this is an entertainment feast to delight the senses of children and adults alike.

As one of the show’s performers puts it, “We are not Ringling. We are not Soleil. We are Cirque Italia.”

Where else, except possibly Las Vegas, will you find a show that features not only traditional circus clowns and acrobats, but also pirates, mermaids, a laser man, all performing over a 35,000-gallon tank of water? And while this circus may not have any tigers jumping through flaming hoops or dancing bears in tutus, they do have a dinosaur.

Morgaine Rosenthal, Cirque Italia Silver unit manager and mermaid aerialist, explains that this show is a pirate adventure story, complete with a buried treasure map, some nefarious characters that our hero encounters along the way, and a beautiful mermaid that wins his heart in the end.

Ms. Rosenthal has been with Cirque Italia for about eight years, though she has been involved with circus performing for much longer. She started taking circus classes recreationally as a child, where a normal day would consist of school, soccer practice, and circus class.

Ms. Rosenthal attended circus school in San Francisco for over 2 years, training as an aerialist, performing gymnastic-type feats high above the ground on a tightrope or trapeze, but also in the disciplines of dance, acrobatics, and contortionism where an entertainer twists and bends their body into strange and unnatural positions.

Circus training, by nature, requires a tremendous amount of athleticism, stamina, and mental focus. Some of the performers with the Cirque Italia Water Show are former Olympic gymnasts. Some have been raised in the circus life, with generations of performers in their families. There are actually several family groups included in the cast/crew of this show.

The cast of the Cirque Italia Water Show, based in Sarasota, consists of about a dozen performers, all of whom wear many hats during a show. The person who sells you your ticket might be one of the acrobats, or the one who helps you find your seats might be one of the folks who help set up the tent. The total crew for a show like this consists of 50-60 people who travel with the show 11 ½ months out of the year, setting up in a different city every week.

The set-up process is extensive and time-consuming, taking several days to complete. Safety is always the uppermost concern when putting everything together, and the performers need to know they can trust the people putting together the equipment they will use during the performance. Ms. Rosenthal states that the crew of the Cirque Italia Silver Unit is absolutely top-notch, and she is proud and grateful to be working with all of them. “They give 110% every step of the way, giving their all to every show”, she said.

The safety of the audience is always a priority too, especially in the age of Covid-19. The Cirque Italia Water Circus experienced a 100-day shutdown because of the pandemic, so the crew is especially happy and grateful to be back on the road again, bringing smiles and laughter to every town they visit.

In keeping with current Covid protocols, the performers are always masked when they are within 12-feet of the public. Masks are strongly encouraged for audience members, and the show’s ushers perform sanitizing activities under the big top every 10-15 minutes throughout the show.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see this incredible performance, as it may be several years before they make it back to our area again. This is a show for all ages, so gather the kids and the grandparents, and head to Clover Park, 31 Piazza Drive, Port St. Lucie Jan. 20-23.

Show times and ticket prices can be found by visiting

To find out more about Cirque Italia and the Silver Unit Water Circus, and to preview the show, visit

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